Fansub Review: [Tonde] YuruYuri (Episode 01)

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Super-fast reviewing~

File size: 282 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. Honorifics. Use of the third-person when the characters use it.

Karaoke: None

Noticeably absent: Miraku-run’s transformation phrase. You could just make something up. People can’t tell if the Japanese is correct and if it’s cool enough, they won’t care. Here’s one I came up with: “Through the stars and through the skies. Into your heart, Miraku-run flies!” Bam!

Chapters: None? Honestly, am I gonna have to make a tutorial to teach people how to fansub?

Typesetting. There are a few notable signs that aren’t -ahem- “typeset”.

While -> Though

I… no. Why would you capitalize that? For the apologists, this is the only time it was capitalized in the episode. Confounding.

No, fuck this. I’m sick of shitty editing. If there is a vocal inflection that would appear were you to actually speak the line, you better fucking put it in. The emphasis is necessary here.

“Putting that aside, we really are going to be late.”

since we were last inside

I’ll let these stand by themselves. ~_~

This is not a sentence in and of itself. While malformed sentences are sometimes acceptable in subtitles to reflect natural speech more accurately, in this case it doesn’t work out… at all.

Most comma splicing is innocuous. Here, though? Well, if you can handle these (especially the second one), you can probably handle anything.

Ever since I started drawing doujins, I haven’t found anything more fun than drawing Miraku-run!

Uhh, you don’t really abolish clubs. Try “disbanded” here.

Also, it’s = it is; its = ownership

A “crushing” introduction? The hell? Did these guys just pull random words from a dictionary? Also, it’s self-introduction.


This is a hideous way to introduce a second line. And why is there a dash on the top one?

This line is salvageable, but I think we should scrap the editor.

This comes off a comma and should therefore not be capitalized.

Say something, Chinatsu-chan!

I wonder what the world would be like if people could use question marks properly?

They’re referring to an event that may occur, thus “that” should be used instead of “this”.


Overall grade: D

If you can deal with no karaoke, bad English, and poor typesetting, then why the fuck are you on this site? I wouldn’t say this release isn’t worth watching (don’t deprive yourself of an anime just because the subs are terrible), but I would suggest waiting a bit to see if any decent group will pick it up.

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  1. Mm, my best guess is that people use question marks on indirect questions because they mentally associate them with the same interrogative tonal inflection.

  2. Although I’d really rather not post this here, I couldn’t find any other means of getting into contact with you, Dark_Sage, other than a comment to this post, or a trip to irc. I wish you had some sort of e-mail available.(And if there is one, it sure isn’t easy to find.)

    Anyway, I’m Onion, the translator for Tondemonai, and first off, I’d like to thank you. Nobody has ever taken the time to review one of our releases like this.

    I appreciate you taking the time to do such an in-depth review. The point I want to make is thus: I’m going to take this post seriously and study it to improve as much as I can.

    I do have one question though. You said, “This is a hideous way to introduce a second line. And why is there a dash on the top one?” Can you tell me what you believe would be a more pleasing way to introduce a second line? Sure, I could go and look for examples in other anime, but I’d like to hear your opinion.

    Once again, thanks for the review. If you’re up for it, and you think we’re worth the time, I’d like to request a ‘once per show’ re-review for any of our future releases of Yuru Yuri you have time to watch. :D

    I look forward to your reply. Feel free to email me.

    • darksagerk ~at~

      You should know, first off, that I do tend to avoid blaming the translators for any mistakes. It’s not your responsibility to have perfect English; that’s what editors are for.

      A better way to introduce the second line is to forget about the dash and inverting colors. Rather, choose a color that’s more pleasing to the eyes. A lot of groups go with something red, blue, or gray for the alternate line’s color. Choose something that looks good.

      Since you asked, you get a re-review, but I don’t have time for every release. Rather, I’ll look at your episode 2 and see how much you’ve improved.

      On a sidenote, you’re from Bakawolf? I used to be in Batsu-Geimu, which is apparently an offshoot of that. Good times~

      • Yes, I am from Baka-wolf! Actually everyone from tonde is from BW. Unfortunately I haven’t been around that long. I missed all of the good stuff. I joined up when BW was pretty much dead. It sorta still is, though xD

        But it’s a great place. I’m there every day. You should come over and say hi sometime. Haha


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