Fansub Review: [Ahodomo] Ikoku Meiro no Croisee (Episode 01)

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Attention all groups: For my sanity, do not sub this anime. It’s so boring. If I have to see this episode a fourth time, I’ll kill myself. ;_;

File size: 189 MB

Frenchiness: Not too much. “Gallerie” was left in French as was “atelier”. Maybe a word or two more were as well.

Release format: MKV

Font: Hideous. Whoever thought that large pink text made sense for a show set in 19th-century France needs to be lobotomized.

Extra bonus points: This group deserves some credit for translating the French narration when the title appeared.

Commercials: Including commercials in your release is not a good habit to get into.

OP/ED. Eh, they didn’t much do it for me. The blue color for the OP really didn’t jive with the setting.


Comma splicing like stupid’s going out of style.

Comma before but. Not after! >_O

There is no way this is an accurate translation.

It’s a triple fail fiesta!

Speaking of fiestas…

I’m reading this line without comprehending.

say, right?

sign. The scene immediately shifts to the one sign in front of the Gallerie. ._.

An atelier is not a person. ಠ_ಠ

This makes no sense.

Wow. I thought she was a doll!

Is this even the right idiom to use? Also, it’s its not it’s.

Anyways. Never a good choice for a word.

That second shot should say “Sell…?” “Sold” is never said in the first screen.

This comes off a comma, so “One” should be in lowercase.


Overall grade: D+

Yeah, I had to cut a number of mistakes out so you wouldn’t overdose on fail. Stick with IB for this show. They know what they’re doing.

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  1. From the release post on their blog

    >NOTE: Unlike Nichijou, Ikoku will be releasing later than you may expect. For this show we’ve decided to aim for quality over speed


    • I would, but I don’t see much of a point or an audience in it. There’s no competition when it comes to DVD sales so I can’t be like “wow, they sure fucked up on the English here. Try Company B’s version instead.”

      But if there’s a compelling argument for doing it, I may reconsider.


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