Fansub Review: [WhyNot] Nurarihyon no Mago S2 (Episode 01)

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The second season seems a lot better than the first. Interesting…

Anyway, first up is WhyNot.

Possible bias: I take my objectivity pretty seriously. If I can’t provide accurate reviews/comparisons, this site is worthless. Therefore, I wanted to note a possible bias while reviewing this release. I’m in another group that is probably going to sub this show as well. Still, it’s not like I added errors into WhyNot?’s script. Any problems here are all on their shoulders (and they clearly have very broad shoulders).

File size: 415 MB

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese words like onmyoji and yokai remain untranslated.

Release format: MKV

Font: To put it bluntly, the font is shit. It’s hard to read because the letters are all cramped together.

Karaoke. No OP this episode, but the ED was kara’d. It might look kind of bad in the screenshot, but I thought it fit the ending very well.

Typesetting. Pretty damn good.

Irregular capitalization here. This is a poem, so it would be fine to capitalize the first word of each of its four parts [Sevenfold, Eightfold, the Yamabuki rose blooms, but not a single fruit it bears] or just the first letter in the “sentence”. Arbitrary capitalization here doesn’t work. Sorry.

The Lord of the Night. That was me!

They -> Then

The subject {the big name yokai} is plural, so it should be “belong”, not “belongs”.

Pretty bad line here, guys.

any -> anyone

on being evil -> when it comes to being evil.

matter, Gagoze?

Just ignore them. Get on!

Okay, okay. That’s the last comma splice I’ll point out. :X

As opposed to… plotting openly?

Take out secretly and then take

any more -> anymore

Karasu-Tengu gets cut off mid-sentence here. Here, use this Aegisub code for cut-offs:   {fscx250}-

Nice spacing.

Even then, you might want to rephrase this.

We are the Nura Clan – the headquarters of all yokai.

Comma haters rejoice. The comma isn’t necessary here (it continues into the next line where the comma would fuck up the phrasing).

An invincible army isn’t a person…

Actually, looking at this whole line, I’d probably scrap it and run something better. Like what? I dunno, I’m too lazy to think of something right now. The only thing I’m certain of is that shit sux right now.

What’s wrong with me?!

With. ._.

Sure, that’s terrifying.

One of a yokai’s most important duties is to gather fear.

Yeah, I just went and rephrased the whole. The important thing is that the “the important thing” part got fixed. ~_~

Why am I talk the bad English?!


Overall grade: C-

Considering these guys are editing from Viz scripts, there should not be this many errors.

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  1. Wow, and I was wondering if they were actually good or not. Anyway, thanks for the review.

    Oh, BTW, you said that a group which you were in was probably gonna do this shoy as well… if so, what would be it? I don’t know what version to stick with for this series.

  2. It seems like they posted a v2 patch.

    “EDIT: After talking it over with the staff, we decided to change the main font (we will be using this new style for the BDs of s1 as well). We fixed a few things too.”

    Are you going to review the v2?

    • If I reviewed every v2, then it would be quite easy to game anything I say by simply making the changes and being like “Hey, lol, we fixed it. Thanks for the QC. Now give us an A.” In fact, Kristen (of Coalgirls/Chihiro) said he’d do exactly that to render my reviews invalid.

      My intent is to provide an example of the level of work at which you can expect an average release from a given group. To that end, if I were to re-review their work, it would be for episode 2.

      I should also note that groups only get re-reviews if they personally ask me for them. I simply do not have the time to review every group’s release for an entire season. If you want to pay me $60,000 a year, we might be able to work something out, but I have a full-time job that I’d like to keep.

      If a group feels like they’ve improved since their previous work, all they need to do is ask me to re-review it.


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