Fansub Review: [Ayako] Mayo Chiki (Episode 01)

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<&Aistad> I say
<&Aistad> we make it
<&Aistad> 30 seconds without an error
<&Aistad> nah
<&Aistad> 15

Close. You guys made it ten seconds. Hey, at least you’re improving!

File size: 216 MB (MKV), 174 MB (AVI)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order. Words like Nii-san remain in Japanese.

Karaoke. Kinda lame.


This really sets the mood for the rest of the release.

As opposed to a homosexual with an interest in women?

This line would be fine if it were phrased “You have it engraved” rather than “You have engraved it”. So close to not sucking!

She was sleeping in the same bed as him. Therefore, you should use the past tense.

Considering how inbred your editor must be, it’s a bit ironic how he spelled family wrong here.

Ayako just can’t deal with tenses. “My butler has troubled you.” or “My butler has caused you trouble.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that no one in Ayako’s staff has ever talked to a human before.

“Who asked for that?!”

Oh, Ayako~

Has anyone on your staff ever seen a question mark before? This is just pathetic. The phrasing also sucks, but let’s work on getting you to a fifth-grade reading level before pushing you all the way to the sixth grade.

“The longer we make this, the better the subs!”

Real good English here.

No, no. The word is chicken shit. As in, “I bet your editor’s too chicken shit to pull that trigger.” Well? Prove me wrong.

“Whatever it is, you’re just a chicken shit that’s scared of being touched by girls, right?”

I’m just gonna let this one stand. It’s like a monument to what you can achieve when you haven’t graduated from primary school.

“I wish you not to tell”? Really?

The word you’re looking for is “base”.

Nightmarish. As in, “It was a nightmare to watch these nightmarish subs.”


Overall grade: F+

I had to delete a number of screenshots in the interest of brevity. I’m sorry, Ayako. You failed badly enough to reach F-tier, but you were unable to hit the fabled F- mark. I wish you luck in your next endeavor. If any group besides Espada can manage it, you can. (>_O)b

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  1. damned whiners, can’t you just enjoy anything? and japanese names were PROPERLY done, none of that fucking retarded americanization of names.

    • Negative, tsunku.

      “Tolerate not blights upon this fine language, lest your soul itself be corrupted. Point out the faults of others, so the faults of your self may be forgiven.”

      -Tsun Tsun, the Art of English

    • Sup tsunku. I herd u dont liek 2 read shit, so lemme break it down for ya. Da article dont say *shit* about whether Japanese name order is better or not.

      (ノ`Дˊ)ノ ┻━┻

      And Dark_Sage,
      >>As opposed to a homosexual with an interest in women?
      Blame the studio for the prolixity, not us.

      >>The word you’re looking for is “base”.
      No, the word we were looking for was “foot.” That’s why hills at the bottom of a mountain are called “foothills.” HOTEL INTERNET SUCKS.

  2. I see the release of WhyNot, it’s excelent (excelent translation, good english, good style), only fail a bit with the signs (but nothing compared to the failure in typesetting of Ayako). So, go with WhyNot 100%, if you wanna some more of quality in the video (but with poor subs), go with Doki…

    • Hot! Can I has pix for proof? Unfortunately, as I don’t use an excuse as “speed is a hell of a drug”. We had problems with connections “cough” “cough” so he didn’t get to edit a significant amount which we “thought” he did. But who really cares? Maybe 20 people at most will base their decision on who to watch from this review. So meh… But until I can get this almighty G rating, I will not rest! Beware DS, the best has yet to come!

  3. I like when Ayako staff comments on here acting all butthurt like they don’t know their shit sucks complete ass. For fuck’s sake, get an american editor that has graduated high school.

    Like, seriously. How can you read that and think “yeah, this sounds OKAY DESU.”

    • Makes me feel like if I edited for them, their releases wouldn’t be near 100% complete shit. lol

      But then I’d take my time which they, as far as I know, don’t want that so they can release first. Then there’d be many 4-year old temper tantrums.

      • We must try harder! Our efforts have gone to waste because we actually corrected some stuff. Next time… Even if it be next season, we’ll get that F- or the almighty G. I promise you that marsd!

      • The Godly Fail is a rank which can only be achieved by those who are truly dedicated to the cause of failure. It is not something which can be achieved by simple wishing.

        After all, if wishes were fishes, your TL for Softenni would be sleeping with them right now.


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