Short Fansub Review: [HiNA] Morita-san wa Mukuchi (Episode 01)

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Toss a coin. Heads, SHiN-gx. Tails, HiNA.

File size: 34 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Western name order. Honorifics.

Font: A bit smaller than I was hoping for.

30-second commercial at the end: This wasn’t translated. If you’re going to include useless shit like this, at least translate it.



the other day, you mean.

the teacher


Overall grade: B [Pass]

Both Hina and Shin-gx had two significant English errors. Each group had shit font, too. They’re both pretty similar. I guess I’d have to give a slight nod to Hina for including Japanese in their karaoke.

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