Fansub Review: [Kagayaki-Hadena] Sacred Seven (Episode 01v2)

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These guys didn’t have subtitles on their v1. Will they make it up with their v2?

Spoilers: Even though they did their best MAX, they still fucking failed it. Gentlemen, gentleladies, we have our first F- of the season.

File size: 311 MB (MKV), 174 MB (AVI)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Words like “oni” remain untranslated.

Chapters: None. That would require competency.

Timing: Not good. At all.

Fun fact: The editor for this release is called Bannanaman. Yes, he spelled banana wrong in his own name. This set the stage for the release.

Karaoke: Lol, none.

I originally had a super-cruel post being written up for their first release, but then I saw this over at Kagayaki’s site:

“Everybody makes mistakes, but what you do afterwords determines what kind of person you are.”  I often hear “everybody makes mistakes”, and that’s pretty much all.  I feel the last part is especially true.  I was the person that released the Sacred Seven video that is labeled by Hadena and Kagayaki.  It just so happened that it was no where near ready to be released.  I want to apologize to Hadena for this gigantic blunder on my part.  With that being said, some or all of the anime series we are doing with them may be delayed or canceled.  I’m sorry Hadena for the trouble this has caused your group.


So I felt bad and decided to keep it to myself. But now with their v2, they clearly fixed any errors that were present in the first release, right? Keep in mind, as you’re looking at all these screenshots, that this is a v2.



You mean, “According to the register,”

Inconsistent capitalization. It should be “Ayuriare’s Eye and Presiver’s Statue”.

Why couldn’t you be like gg and pun his words? Using “oni” isn’t a good idea, guys.


always start sentences with a capital letter.

Uh, you translate this as Tandouji elsewhere in the episode.

What is this?

In my language, people like you are known as retards.





Beautiful. Just beautiful.

A few days ago,

What am I reading?

I want to stop watching this release, but now that I’ve reached this line, I can’t.

I will continue to watch… for science.

Okay. We’re only 8 minutes and 30 seconds into this shit. I’m going to shut up now and let the subs speak for themselves.

Arbitrary shift key is cruise control for…

“Ishi can mean stone or will so yes well, in this situation it is very confusing but simple in many ways”


Overall grade: F-


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  1. Well, I did give a warning before and somehow my guess is spot on that this V2ed episode will get a F, but never expected a F-…

    • Nothing completely wrong with the typesetting, even though it does look a bit plain compared to the anime’s logo/title.


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