Fansub Review: [SHiN-gx] YuruYuri (Episode 01)

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Was out drinking all night with coworkers, so this was the only review I could sneak in. Tomorrow will make up for it, promise.

Release size: 283 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Western name order. No honorifics.


Karaoke. To be blunt, I’m glad it was there, but it wasn’t really that good.

Typesetting. They did a lot of it.

TLing YuruYuri as “Sway ‘n Shake” and doujinshi as “fan comics” leads me to believe that something was lost in translation. I’m not much a fan of the decision to translate these specific words, as the resulting English is quite awkward.

No complaints. You give love a bad name, SHiN-gx.

She’s referring to the previous line, which had “fan comics”; not “fan comic”. Therefore, this should be

“They were super interesting!”

This is why regular dashes aren’t standard for fansubs in which interruptions are used. As it stands, this line makes me think that Mira-Chinatsu is some Japanese robot. A zombie Japanese robot.

Mirakurun’s Love and Justice Transformation Set!


Mirakurun’s transformation set of love and justice!

Really, a lot of things could replace this line.

Again, I gotta go with “Your strong point is that you have no strong points.”




Overall grade: B+

Just a warning: I was slightly inebriated while reviewing this release. As such, my judgment may have been slightly clouded. However, I suspec that even a sober me would appreciate this release. At this point, definitely go with these guys for YuruYuri.

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  1. I agree on the literal translation of something like doujins, that it shouldn’t be exactly translated. Doujinshi are doujinshi and everyone should know what doujinshi are. The anime name in english I bet no one really knows so they put it like that. If ya don’t know what it is, leave it I say.

    Honorifics probably played a better roll here. The character mentioned in a few screenshots is actually Miraku-run (like -tan), but since they didn’t use them, they left the all important dash out. You’re better off just putting down Miraku if you’re going to do that.

    Sigh, I do agree that they are the better option despite these defects that should be fixed.

    • because doujinshi are (or at least have been until recently) mostly a peculiarity of Japanese culture and have always been called by their Japanese name by the west. To start translating the name at this stage actually throws people off. It’s like translating a word like ‘kamikaze’ – you could do it but most people would be confused by it.

      • Or a word like “seppuku.” People should know what it means so it doesn’t have to be neccessarily translated.

        • Seppuku and Kamikaze are both well-known words used all over the world for very specific things. “Doujinshi” is just the Japanese word for “fan publication”, and is only used in the same nerd circles who use words like “seiyuu” instead of “voice actor”. Hardly the same.

          • You can put a small TL Note too – Doujinshi = Fan Comics from Japan (no really necesary, but if you want don’t have any doubt about the understanding). About the title, don’t translate the title if the oficial license don’t translated that (for example, Crunchy Roll use YuruYuri), or in another place, rename the file and publish to the translated title, work with two titles don’t be good…

          • Yeah, the kind of ‘Nerd circles’ who watch anime. Who the hell else would be watching a fansubbed episode of YuruYuri? It’s like explaining a nut and bolt to a bunch of engineers.

    • Doujinshi are self-published comics/work.
      They can be original (and thus not a “fan comic” per se), even though most aren’t.

      Either that or someone lied to me. :D

      • I’d say it’s 50/50 on original normal doujinshi and doujinshi based off anime/manga. Same can be said for hentai doujinshi, though I feel there’s some kind of blur with that between the normal-and possible upcoming-people who do them, the professional hentai manga artists who do both, and the professionals who a lot of people know and have released more than one (or two) over the years.

        That’s just me though. Seen lots of both original and fan based.

  2. CR translated some of the titles to English because it can be done (or the translation is around the comfort zone – away from fan nerd rage) and while some like “Hanasaku Iroha” are left alone. There’s nothing wrong about a group “translating” the titles. I mean, fansub groups FAN TRANSLATE. If they’re wrong about the contextual meaning of the title, then so be it. FYI: they translated Yuru Yuri and Hanasaku Iroha.

    • I don’t say nothing about the translation of titles are bad or not. But if you translate the title and use the translation in the lines. I think is better you publish and rename the file to the fan translated name. It’s really confuising work with two titles.


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