Fansub Review: [gg] No. 6 (Episode 01)

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Although they had more errors, I think I’d rather watch gg’s release of No. 6 than Doki’s.

Edit: Apparently, they dropped it. But fuck that. I’m not deleting this review just because of that. Just pretend that they didn’t, so as to humor me. Okay?

 File size: 368 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: No honorifics.

Font: Kinda shit. Looks like Arial Bold or something.

Karaoke. In most releases, this would be pathetic. But it works for the songs in the OP/ED here.

Typesetting. The only part that needed it.

gg has a definite problem with question marks. Why so loathe to use them?

Annoying comma splices.

He says this in response to “Have you no shame”. Not quite a sensical reply in this context.

“I thought we should match, but since you’re ‘Shion’… and ‘Shion’ is a lilac flower.”

That line makes absolutely no sense. And yes, that train of thought ends right there. No more lines to clarify what the fuck’s going on.

If the idea here is that he’s expressing amazement at how good Mouse is, then the line should be “You sure know what you’re doing!”

Why? Because the first time I read the line, it was nonsense to me. The “sure” helps people understand the point of the sentence.

What is it, Mom?

Pretty simple capitalization mistake. :/

“Them”? He’s referring to Mouse’s name. A name is singular.

Capitalize both words.

Three-liners suck.

He didn’t even extend the word that long. ._.


Overall grade: B-

Who cares? gg dropped it. I will note that I found their lines easier to understand as a whole than Doki’s were.

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  1. I contest your views that the lines are “bad English.”

    Just because gg found a more concise way to phrase the lines, doesn’t mean that Doki’s lines are any “worse.”

    Both lines are grammatically correct, and deliver the message without any awkwardness in language, without unusual constructions.

    • Perhaps I misspoke. Comparing the two scripts side-by-side reveals some interesting results. And perhaps gg simply oversimplified the script. I’m not sure. My knowledge of Japanese is insufficient to argue one way or the other.

      What I do know is I found gg’s easier to follow. In retrospect, I should not have said your English was bad. I apologize and blame it on my poor mental state at the moment. I have corrected my phrasing now.

      Here are a few lines in which both groups differed significantly, which I discovered when I was comparing the groups. I’d give 3/4 of these lines to gg in terms of understandability.

      “What makes humans human is the establishment of self with respect to society. In other words, one can conclude that it is a result of whether the subject is endowed with the neurological process of self-awareness.”


      “Mankind only recognises itself as such by the conception of self placed upon it by society. In other words, we are able to draw a conclusion about the process of self-realisation that occurs in the brain in terms of whether the individual perceives sovereignty.”

      “You were classed rank A during your 2nd-year exam, you were placed in a top educational institution, and at age 12 you’re starting with the special track.”


      “At 2 years old, you probably got an A-ranking on your examination, entered the most prestigious school, and at the age of 12, you are progressing to the Special Course.”

      “In the last great war, most of the habitable areas were lost and humankind banned military power outright. The six remaining states formed city-states in six regions.”


      “In the previous war, a race that lost the greater half of its inhabitable land outlawed all armaments, and created a city state to govern the remaining six areas.”

      “You’re sheltering a VC and neglecting to contact the Ministry, so I’d say you’re in way too deep already.”


      “Sheltering a VC, neglecting to notify the Safety Bureau… And in the end, you’ve done it through and through?”

      gg on top, Doki on the bottom.

    • Doki’s release of No.6 was the first anime done by a established group I couldn’t fully understand in, well, as long as I can remember.
      There were around three or four lines in the first half where I didn’t know what they meant.
      One example is the lilac line above – Doki had it as “Shion’s flower is light purple.” When I read it I couldn’t make sense of it. I thought he had some (special?) flower which she gave him or that it was port of the city’s customs or that he is a hobby gardener or…
      After watching gg’s release I figured out that she is punning his name, with Shion being a lilac (colored) flower.

      Anyway, I watched the first half from Doki and the second half from gg. The first gave me problems, the second didn’t – I also compared the places I couldn’t figure out in the first half with gg’s version, and there they made sense.

      No offense to you, but I think it’s a bad idea to have no separate QC. As editor you obviously know what the line was in the TL and how it’s supposed to read. You have more knowledge about it than the viewers do. And If you don’t understand it, you can ask the TL for clarification.
      The viewers neither know the original, nor can easily ask for confirmation about their interpretation of lines. As such thinks that are perfectly clear to you may be hard to understand for them (or at least in this case were for me). And the best method to eliminate this problem is having someone with no prior knowledge watch the episode.

      TL;DR: I agree with D_S about the Doki release being hard to follow.


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