Fansub Review: [WhyNot] Mayo Chiki (Episode 01)

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So far, this is the release to go with for Mayo Chiki.

File size: 233 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.

Karaoke. Kinda sucked.


Okay, in these contexts, “Gramps”, “Brother”, and “Milady” should all be capitalized. Why? Because they’re proper nouns when these titles are being used in place of people’s names. In fact, every time Butler-kun says “Milady”, it should be capitalized.

She’s left?

There’s no reason to make it “She’s left” instead of “She left”.

This line is too long for the time it was given.

Shoulda TL’d it as cyborg or something else. “Artificial human” makes no sense.

She’s talking past tense here.

“I didn’t think I’d be raped by someone who only had one hand free.”

Three sentences in a row start with “But”. That’s shit writing.

This doesn’t read very well.


Yeah, I think someone fucked up something with this line.

“My curse” implies he’s willingly accepting ownership of the curse. This is not the case.


Overall grade: B-

Good release, WhyNot. Far better than Ayako/Chiki’s releases.


BTW, I really liked the clever phrasing.

“You almost made me see Gramps in heaven!” “So, you’re saying it was heavenly?”

“A clean ending for a disgusting pervert.”

“You can rope her or even grope her.”

Whoever’s responsible for those lines (among others) deserves a firm handshake and a smile lasting a duration no longer than three seconds.

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  1. I’ve been eagerly awaiting your review, Dark_Sage. In hindsight, I agree with some of your critiques while others I find to be rather nitpicky. But such is life.
    While I’m here though, I’d like to offer an explanation for ‘you said your body “just a reflex.”‘ When I QCed this I noticed that I’d earlier changed what he said when his nose bled to “It’s just a reflex!” and told the patcher to change this line from ‘you said your body “acted on its own.”‘ to ‘you said it was “just a reflex.”‘ And in a derp moment, apparently only the stuff in quotes got changed.
    Anyway, thanks for the kind of favorable review.

    • Thanks for the background on the issue. Miscommunication is always fun.

      BTW, if you disagree with any of the points I’ve made, please feel free to discuss them with me. I’m not always able to properly articulate my views in a concise manner.

      • With that input, I can rip out the script to edit it myself, then put it back in. Unless you plan to do a v2 I guess.

        This was going to be my choice over IB and probably Doki, since I need variety. That said I was wondering if you’d do Doki’s version and their Idolmaster version. Ya don’t have to though if you want to do other reviews besides them. A lot of reviews for Doki anyway.

  2. Judging by the “But Subaru is an only child” line, this group clearly hasn’t heard of a thing called “horizontal padding.” Constantly dragging viewers’ eyes to the far bottom left and right corners does NOT make subtitles “unobtrusive.”

    • True, they did have a few spots which could have split it up on two lines. However, if you’re advocating that they switch to the “N on every line!” standard like some groups have, you’re just trading one problem for another.

      • Given the choice between insufficient padding and hard linebreaks everywhere, I’d gladly take the latter. But no, there’s no need for N every line. It’s enough to have healthy left and right margins of ~110-150, with the occasional N to make lines break at logical points in the text.

        @Nyara!: There’s a reason CR does their subs like that, due to their subpar subtitle renderer. Without hard linebreaks, you can wind up with 2-line subs where the 1st line spans the whole image and the 2nd line contains only one word.

        • Yup, I know that, but thy in some shows, like Nichijou, provoque a excess in the N N N, inclusive in very small lines (2-6 words) they usually put a N O:. But in other shows the quanty of N is ok (usually no, lol).

  3. Hey, Dark_Sage,

    Thanks for the review. The “my stomach aches” line is a mistake on my part. I should have left a note for the QC or editor to shorten it. And you can thank valerauko for his amazing TLs :3


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