Fansub Review: [Commie] R-15 (Episode 01)

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When their only competition is Chiki, it’s pretty obvious that Commie will come out ahead.

File size: 389 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. No honorifics.

Karaoke – OP/Insert. The hell? Did card quit or something? This is kinda plain and boring. Also, they’re missing the ED. Is it really that hard to rip scripts and add something worthwhile to them these days?


Isn’t not being understood and being misunderstood… the same thing?

“but considering how the female students continue to misunderstand you…”

People don’t reach the status of literature. He’s talking about his writing here.

“Using my prowess as a pornographic writer, my writings will someday reach the status of literature!”

Puberty pig? That doesn’t even make sense. “Perverted”, “pubescent”, “perspiring”, etc. are all words that could go there instead to keep up the alliteration.


Overall grade: B+

I guess it doesn’t really matter what they get. So far, they’re the only real choice for this shitty show.

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  1. “Karaoke – OP/Insert. The hell? Did card quit or something? This is kinda plain and boring. Also, they’re missing the ED. Is it really that hard to rip scripts and add something worthwhile to them these days?”
    Yes. But you are a useless karaoker/typesetter if you don’t do your work, lol. (And all CR Scripts proyect need at least one typesetter or karaoker, if you don’t have such guys [or they don’t do a good work], or you wanna release that fast: No, thanks, go with Horriblesubs).

    I have hope for a better karaoke for the EP2 at least. (I don’t liked the main style used too, in some moments don’t be easy read the lines, and, well, don’t be cute XD. Try with some more of bord, or change the font – or use bold + little darker inner color, if you don’t used before – ) Thanks for the review =).

  2. This was not really a fair review, I’m a big fan of this site, but your personal bias in reviews is really showing when it comes to chiki. I understand you hate the group but shouldn’t you as a reviewer view each release as it’s own animal, basically one release or two should not condemn a group to eternal ripping. You should know and understand that groups go through cycles of change and many times suffer from change of staff, change in ways in how things are done, and so forth this is not really something I need to explain to someone as experienced as you.
    I am no expert in groups especially in fan subbing but the eternal ripping on releases you have yet to see, is not really fair, each release should be viewed or compared for its own individual merit. Without even viewing as admitted in your post you have yet to see Chiki version and as an outsider it was better than the version commie released. no group is perfect and you should know that being in groups and your experience should tell you groups are not perfect go through hiccups in releasing fansubs, As fan of this site I know I have no right to say what is what in terms of how you review, but as a fan of your site regardless if its chiki, ayako, commie, underwater, utw, or whomever, all i ask as a fan is that if your comparing or reviewing to give proper reviews that are not as biased as they been. I know you may not care, but many of us fans appreciate your evaluations but when you don’t even properly evaluate it leaves little room for us to trust how accurate your evaluations are and lead many of us to believe you evaluations are based on grudges against rivals and hookups for your friends. That is all i have to say as a concern fan of

    • Hi, Chiki staff. First off, ask your leader, linx, if he really thinks I hate him. Go ahead and ask him who tried to help him out after he had MSPN falling all around him last season. :/

      >as an outsider it was better than the version commie released.

      The only way this is going to be possible is if you guys took Commie’s release and fancied up the karaoke.

      But you know what? Fine. I’ll review Chiki’s releases. Apparently that’s enough to sate your “OMG bias” claims. Just be aware I’m going to be absolutely venomous if these don’t blow my mind.

        • You really hate those people at chiki staff don’t you, lol. I think your under the impression I am with that group because I voiced my opinion about your review, I have to say Im sorry I am not part of their group, I am just a third party party observer to this, nothing more and nothing less. My opinion that i stated is for all groups not just this situation but for all in general to get an unbiased review, i only pointed out the obvious situation as more for an example, I am sorry if you thought i was part of this group, but I am not I am just a guy with opinions who loves your site, I am sorry if you thought i was someone else.

        • chiki used Derp’s translation for Itsuten. Why the hell do you want chiki treated fairly? It’s in everyone’s best interest if lynx just stopped doing anything fansub related.

  3. I do agree the show is shit, it’s not as good as advertised regardless of what group does the show. The show is just bad whoever does it, there is no story what so ever

  4. What’s with the puberty-pig shit in both releases? Everyone just stealing Crunchy Subs now? Or is this some literal double-translation via Chinese??


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