Fansub Review: [AFFTW] Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (Episode 01v2)

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Wait, I thought these guys were supposed to be shit subs. Improvement GET.

File size: 96 MB (MP4), 199 (MKV)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.

Karaoke: No OP. They will supposedly sub the ED for episode 2.

Note: I actually QC’d their version 1 first instead of the v2, which is why the screenshots will display 01 instead of 01v2 when you read their filenames and why some will be in a lot lower quality (the v2 version I picked up was the LQ MP4). As such, I’m going to assume that no errors were added in the v2.



This isn’t how we wake people up in America. “I said Taito”? Really?

“Taito! Earth to Taito!” <- That’s how we do.

Comma splices can be harmless, but this isn’t quite so innocuous.

“Do your best on your work”?

Oh lawdy


Why must groups always add random numbers of exclamation marks to sentences? If you must, make it two and max it out at that.

Either all right or alright. Pick a standard and go with it. For what it’s worth, “all right” should be the default decisions because it’s always correct, but in some circles “alright” isn’t.

Sure this is how you wanna phrase it?

“I’ve known that girl since long ago.”

If the fates were eternally intertwined, then they wouldn’t “come together”. After all, they’d have been together. Also, it would be “has”, not “have” in that line. Come to think of it, even then these two lines don’t actually make any sense at all. Shit probably needs to be re-TL’d.


Overall grade: B-

I thought AFFTW would have a poor showing based on their Morita-san release. But this was better than I expected. The typesetting’s better in Derp’s and there’s karaoke in their release too. But the English is slightly better in AFFTW’s release. It’s a definite trade-off and you know best which is more suited to your interests.

Me? I think I’ll be going with AF’s.

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  1. Is it possible to get a review of horriblesubs release of this anime. For some reason they released it under its translated name “A dark rabbit has seven lives”?

  2. the only thing is, itsuten, like LOLH (denyuuden), has quite a lot of special terminologies, and the fan translator of the light novels is supporting Derp on the terminologies (at least for now), so theirs might be more accurate. :)


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