Fansub Review: [NyanTaku] Uta no Prince-sama (Episode 1)

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EveTaku releases under their newly-formed secondary label. I told them to call themselves [Dark_Sage], but they wouldn’t listen to me.

Dammit. How am I supposed to acquire fangirls now? :(

File size: 313 MB (MKV), 198 MB (AVI)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.

Font: Smaller than a Japanese man’s penis.

Timing: It’s a lot different from what you’re used to, but given the pausing in this anime, it works very well.

Commercials: Jokesubbed.

Karaoke. OP/Insert/ED. Not too amazing for a show that revolves around singing.


The “after today” and “in spring” parts seem to be conflicting.

I’d go with something like “After today, I will begin my spring semester at Saotome Academy!”

I didn’t bring this up in the previous screenshots because I wanted to address it here. The four-period ellipses aren’t used in this context (She’s stuttering a name). Use the three-period ellipses instead. In fact, fansubbing general standards dictate you shouldn’t four-period ellipses at all because they look hideous.

all of a sudden.

Invalid character.



Overall grade: B+

I was actually quite impressed with this release. The script itself was great and really fit the emotional pacing of the show with clever use of timing tricks. But the styling/poor karaoke dragged this down a tier in my mind.

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  1. Oh wow I didn’t expect us to do so well, considering it was a two person project.

    @the 4-period ellipse – I thought I had gone back and changed them all to 3 T-T guess I missed some.

    @invalid character – This was suppose to be a love-heart, but I was experiencing problems with getting it to show up during various stages of editing/QCing. I may have to leave them out altogether if I can’t get them to work.

    @karaoke – Will work on it for the next episode so it will hopefully look better. We don’t have a large amount of experience in the KaraFX department. :P

    @font size etc. – Now I knew it wasn’t right, but I just left it :P I have taken into consideration everyone’s various comments about it and will be adjusting size/position and what not for the rest of the releases.

    All of the other mistakes were simply missed, so I’ll change them for the batch. Thanks for the review ;)

  2. @Dark_Sage,
    Here’s an answer to your question about the fangirls: please compare this release with the version WhyNot released yesterday ^___^


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