Fansub Review: [IB] Mayo Chiki (Episode 01)

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Just stick with WhyNot.

File size: 242 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.



Capitalize the names of the parents here.

“Hi, Mom” vs. “This is my mother”

I don’t understand why editors don’t understand this. This is literally one of the most basic concepts anyone with even a fifth-grade knowledge of English would know. Fucking morons. This kind of error pops up a lot in this release.

Way too extended. Move this onto two lines. There were a few other lines in need of this as well. Hint: use N in Aegisub. ;)

You don’t usually get a nosebleed in these animes without getting aroused. Therefore the “got aroused” part is redundant and should be deleted.

You can easily make this simpler like the other groups did. “She took off when I smacked her around with some cash.”

“under only one condition.”

fits the narrative a lot better. I’d go into detail, but I’d rather save time for sleep.

It’s annoying how clueless the editor is.

Miss? my Master? WTF am I reading?

Mistress/Milady are the words you’re looking for. ._.

“it’s collusion!” You don’t say “it’s a collusion”.

“Then, I would sic Subaru on you.”

or something similar. The line is written shittily now, so you can just play around with it to make something that best fits the situation.

The word is “pour”.


Overall grade: B-

WhyNot delivers a superior release. It’s a damn shame, too. IB’s release had fun translations and phrases that were marred only by a poor editor who never learned the basics. :(

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  1. Personally I avoid WhyNot, I don’t know if they had a better TL for this show or not, but past experience shows the translation wasn’t always accurate. For the difference between B and B- I’d prefer to go IB, to be safe. Perhaps WhyNot TLer is different or improved, but I don’t have the time to find out. I’ll give them another go at some point, I’m sure.

    Damnit Dark_Sage, learn Japanese and review the translations too :P

    • The translator you’re thinking of is Yuigg. He’s on leave for the summer and isn’t working on anything.

      Valerauko is the translator for this series. He did Hen Zemi for us last season and is doing Nyanpire as well (in addition to shows for other groups).

      If Yuigg bothers you, just don’t watch his stuff, but he’s not the only translator.

  2. What are the shows to watch this season? This doesn’t look interesting at all. The only thing i found interesting is Kami Memo. And maybe No.6 (if it isnt gay) and Kami Dolls.

  3. So where’s that loli smut translation party you wanted to do? ;)
    @KZ: No.6 has some shounen-ai tendencies.

    Shows that I with my crap taste will watch:
    Blade (see crap taste)
    Double-J (it’s five minutes of mindless fun)
    Kamisama Dolls (interesting, but nothing special)
    Kamisama no Memo-chou (Gosick meets modern world – probably one of the most popular shows this season and definitely recommended)
    Nekogami Yaoyorozu (it’s surprisingly entertaining)
    No. 6 (I just imagine the wimpy one is an extreme DFC and all is well – or rather, whatever they’re doing doesn’t move me one way or another, so I don’t really care that there’s shounen-ai)
    Sacred Seven (standard shounen well done – also has lots of maids, if you’re into that sort of thing)

    And that’s it. Mayo Chiki! and Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi will be watched on bluray, since they have the right amount of fanservice.

    As for what you actually asked for: D_S has been doing some short reviews of the shows himself. Look here:

  4. “A” collusion is fine if fairly awkward, I guess they must have wanted to keep the rhythm of the line (“not a c-, it’s a c-“) Also, I find myself really liking the ‘bundle of banknotes’ line but agree it could stand to be cut down.

    Thank you for these, I love them.

  5. “bundle of banknotes” fits her personality way better, since she’s dat ojou-sama.

    Also, this is just another reason I find these reviews totally pointless. Yes, insert tons of nerds going “LOLOLOLOL AMANATSU BUTTMAED AT HIS GRADE xd”

    The problems shown here are QC problems, and as for consistency in the name master vs miss, that was just me :caring: about shit when I am thrown things to edit directly after work.
    Note: I didn’t actually care much, and a QC should find these consistency errors, not that it even matters.
    I think you should also realize that mistress/milady is not what a person like Subaru would say, not to mention they’re not the only translations for the word used. However, I will somewhat agree that using two different words isn’t the best thing to do.

    I’ve said it, not to you particularly, but to others:
    I’d like to see your edit work given a time frame of exactly 60 minutes for any given show. I can guarantee I’d be able to pull the same kind of shit out of your scripts as well.
    Note: I don’t care enough to look at one even if you did it.

    “hasn’t even learned the basics”? Please, if I hadn’t learned any basics of editing, I wouldn’t be doing it. Not to mention I’d be receiving a significantly lower grade for everything I do. I just find it funny that you can give 1 show a decent grade, comment on how the editing gets better, then comment on another show that I did and say that I “haven’t even learned the basics”.

    /end extreme anal anguish xd i so maed, etc.

    • > Making fun of Amanatsu means you’re a nerd
      > Amanatsu doesn’t care, so the errors don’t matter
      > Blame it on the QC, not the editor
      > A butler who has known her mistress for many years is going to call her Master/Miss because that’s she would do
      > Amanatsu’s work is so much harder than anyone’s, so no one has a right to criticize him

      Addressing you seriously, you should never take any insults on this site to heart. They’re just used to make the reviews more entertaining, and I do that by taking the piss out of people. I like you, even if you don’t like me. Most editors have been able to handle the shit I’ve given them so far and I assumed that was true of all editors. Sorry if I offended you by critiquing your release.

      For the relevancy of the reviews, I understand the complaints. But if people don’t care about the quality of what they’re watching, why are they looking for fansub reviews in the first place?

      For those who are just reading this site for entertainment and don’t care about English, I recently added a Watchability section which lets people know, straight-up, if the subs are watchable or not. If that’s all they care about, then there’s that. But if they prefer more detail, I always have my grades.

      As for the arguments highlighted above, they are quite illogical, grounded in logical fallacies and a superiority complex that screams out “I’m fine! It’s the world that’s wrong!” I assume when you sober up, you’ll realize what you’ve said and feel embarrassed, so I won’t bring it up again.

      • Allow me to say a few of my arguments:
        “Bundle of banknotes”: People say my translations are quite liberal, and I know they are. Now you say it’s too literal (╬ಠ益ಠ)

        “—got aroused,—“: She actually said this. Again with my liberal complaints. Also, this may sound stunning, but the characters don’t know that they’re 2D. They think they’re 3D, so arousal≠nosebleed for them. Also, Kinjiro has a special condition where he doesn’t need to be aroused to get a nosebleed, and it’s necessary to show how Subaru highlighted what she saw as arousal.

        “Master” vs. “Mistress”: This issue I actually contemplated, but given how “mistress” has a bad connotation (Bill Clinton’s mistress, etc.) and Subaru is considered to be a male by the vast majority of the characters, I figured that “master” would be more appropriate. Not to mention that as far as I know, not many people know that “mistress” is the female version of “master.”

        That is all… I think.

        • You know, I wouldn’t have even pointed out the banknotes part I’d watched your subs first. I just thought the other groups had a more concise, interesting line and figured you should’ve done the same. I apologize for not wording my criticisms correctly.

          Hmm… I never thought about it that way. But aren’t nosebleeds a cultural trope in Japanese culture rather than one solely relating to anime?

          Regardless of whether you use Mistress or not, Master is inarguably wrong. Try Madam or Milady next time.

    • While careless, it’s not terribly hard to mishear bear (kuma) as spider (kumo). One of those instances where what amounts to a minor error can make you look rather silly.


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