Fansub Review: [Chiki-subs] R-15 (Episode 01v2)

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What’s so sad is that the original HorribleSubs script was far better before Chiki ripped it. That means that nearly every error here was added on purpose by Chiki’s editor. No mistakes, just sheer incompetence. That’s the Chiki way.

At least in this v2, they fixed from the v1 the multiple lines which lacked ending punctuation, those which had “i” in lowercase, and those which lacked a capital letter at the beginning of sentences.

File size: 333 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Note: Like the previous one, I did the QC on the v1 version and then compared the v2 script to it to see if the mistakes were fixed.

Karaoke: None


The perfect setup for the QUALITY yet to come.

The narrator describes Chiki’s editor.

Pen named? His pen is named Akutagawa?

There is only supposed to be one line here. “Ero-fucker” came out of nowhere and I’m pretty sure wasn’t supposed to have been included.

In the v2, they changed the dash to a semicolon. But the principle problem remains the same.

Pro-tier typesetting.

They managed to realize this should be “students” in the v2, but they didn’t realize this line is redundant.

“But given that female students continue to misunderstand you…”

Gonna copy/paste my critique from Commie’s line here:

People don’t reach the status of literature. He’s talking about his writing.

“Using my prowess as a pornographic writer, my writings will someday reach the status of literature!”


I thing you spelled something wrong.

Capitalizing random words. Why? Because anime is Random like Pandas and Peaches and Tacos! Taco taco taco! Ahaha LOL bbl

Close, but oh so far.

Words cannot what I’m feeling right now.

Edit: Never mind. “Intense loathing” accurately sums it up.

Again, “puberty pig” is a bad word. Not sure I have a fix besides “stop subbing”.



Overall grade: F

By fucking up a decent script this badly, they’ve gone beyond the call of fail. Taking the script by itself may have resulted in a D-, but they actually had to manually create errors in a script that wasn’t that bad to begin with.

Their v1 was definitely worse, but at least they’re trying to put out better stuff with their v2s. Still, I don’t think this group has much staying power with the quality of the work they do (there were many, many errors I didn’t bother to document in this post). I’d suggest going with Commie’s version for this release, but they dropped it. Instead, go with HorribleSubs.


P.S. BlackRussian, aka Mr. ” as an outsider it [Chiki’s release] was better than the version commie released”, please stop talking about things you don’t understand. I avoided reviewing Chiki’s releases for a reason. Their staff is full of newfags who don’t know what they’re doing and I figured they’d quit fucking with anime scripts if people stopped giving them so much goddamn attention.

You know what happens when newfags get attention? They always fucking beg for more. So when Linx (aka Chiki) ran out of people to pay attention to his own shitty releases, he resorted to taking derp’s script for Itsuka and pretending it was his own.

[11.07.11|17:57:49]   12(  Chiki  )   u there
[11.07.11|18:02:23]   12(   Squiggy  )   Dude
[11.07.11|18:02:30]   12(   Squiggy  )   You took our script
[11.07.11|18:02:37]   12(   Squiggy  )   Why are you even talking to me?
[11.07.11|18:03:09]   12(   Squiggy  )   Moreover, you fucked it
[11.07.11|18:05:37]   12(  Chiki  )   sorry for using the script

But since you popped up and accused me of being biased toward Commie or someshit, here’s your goddamn review. Chiki is objectively shit and you’re objectively retarded for thinking their release (their v1 release, even) was watchable, let alone better than Commie’s. Please shut up now.

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  1. It’s always fun to be reminded every day, or every other day, the sheer stupidity humanity offers. Especially on the internet.

    A trollgroup like Chiki has actually made me feel like trolling for once on them.

  2. Someone actually objectively worse than the dokihiro cabal… Well, we’ll see how long they stick around for.

  3. About Chiki
    Chiki-Subs was created on May 1st, 2011.

    This group is a devoted on providing readable, high quality and “unique” sub releases.

    We can be vary fast or slow with our work.

    We’ll sub a episode of a show that haven’t been subbed by a group for about 2 weeks to a month to make you the fans happy and not rage.

    We hope you like our releases.

    >a devoted on
    >a episode
    >haven’t been
    >not rage

    Brb, posting this on every single comment feed on their blog.

  4. It’s a bit past midnight for me so I might be a little loopy. As such, forgive me if this seems like a stupid question.

    Is it just me, or is the first sentence of the last paragraph slightly awkward to read? It feels like either “since” or “so” should be dropped from it. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t know. It just doesn’t read right to me.

    Other than that, thanks for the warning. If I do pick this show up (not entirely sure about that yet), I know who I’m going to first.

  5. A proper review is a proper review I have no complaints about it, that is all I have to say. I enjoyed the review it at least allows for proper comparison without assumptions.Thank you

  6. I accept the review of that group, I was in the wrong and I admit it. There is no shame in questioning, it allows for proper coverage of all groups without previous weeks issues or months issues in relation to this group. I will admit that pretty much such if things such as that are occurring but I will not back away from requesting unbiased reviews when it comes to any group release. This has gotten me interested in doing my own FanSub without a group since I do not belong to one and just me, I wonder would I be reviewed on this site and would I score higher than Chiki? If i released a fan sub of my own and posted it to the torrents, what are my chances of a proper review, and I’ll include all the bells and whistles, mind you I don’t know anything about fansubbing but I learn real quick, can I request a review if I pull off a release of an on-going anime this season, Just for fun I’ll do two least subbed animes, so no one can claim scripts being ripped. Can I get a yes if I pill off a release or two, I even put it as Blackrussian subs so you can know it is me. Disclaimer I will teach myself everything this week.

    • You get a innecesary review of a very sucking fansub, so, smyle and eat a candy, fap, or something. That’s all, don’t say anymore.

  7. “We’re in need of everything and all spots are open. We need dedicated members who will respond when needed and you must have some experience in every position except QC.”
    If they hire experienced people, then how do they mess up their releases?

    Q: Are your subs good?
    A: We think our subs are good. Do you? <– The root of all their problems.


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