Fansub Review: [Anime-DS] YuruYuri (Episode 02)

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Sorry about the wait, Tobikage. I promised this days ago, didn’t I?

File size: 278 MB

Release format: MKV

Chapters: None (Why is it so hard for groups to do this? I even made y’all an image that shows how to do it… Skip to the comments for an easier, non-jpeg version courtesy of Anonymous)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.

Font: Shit in this episode. I was told it has improved in episode 3. Example below.


Karaoke from the 03 release. I guess the one good thing about their version is that they translated the beginning part with the girls speaking. I don’t believe the other groups I reviewed did that.


Awkward, unnatural pausing.

Why is… only the “t” in “the Tea Ceremony Club’s room” capitalized?

No, you don’t capitalize letters after commas. They’re not the same as periods.


Okay, I think we’ve established that they don’t know how to use capitalization properly. They fuck this up a LOT this episode. Not a big deal, though. I mean, we can’t expect an English fansub to know the very basics of the English language. Let’s not get too greedy here. I mean the subs are free, right? ~_~

Thanks for Engrish, Anime-DS!

This is like the Word of the Season for fansub groups. But even though the others overuse it, at least they manage to spell it correctly. :/

A Few Days Later

P.E. wear? Try “gym clothes”. If you wanna use that shitty language known as British English, then make it P.E. kit or PE kit.

The sentence ends here. Why is there a comma,

You guys trolling me?.

Again, another comma that doesn’t extend to another line,


Watchability: Watchable. The show’s simple enough to understand without the help of subtitles, so that’s good.

Overall grade: D+

Punctuation and capitalization rules are wildly disregarded. If a group can’t manage the very basics of the English language, it doesn’t really make you have much confidence in the rest of their work. Love ya, Tobikage, but you need an editor in your group who actually knows English.

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  1. About the delay: Not a problem, I’m sure you had other stuff to do.

    We’ll try our best to ensure that errors like these don’t creep into our future releases. Thanks for the honest review!

  2. That’s a very tedious guide for new guys. Here’s a simpler version:

    1.) Open Notepad
    2.) Enter the following example:

    CHAPTER01NAME=Chapter 1
    CHAPTER02NAME=Opening Theme
    CHAPTER03NAME=Chapter 2
    CHAPTER04NAME=Chapter 3
    CHAPTER05NAME=Chapter 4
    CHAPTER06NAME=Chapter 5
    CHAPTER07NAME=Ending Theme
    CHAPTER08NAME=Next Episode Preview

    *The group’s translator or timer or whoever handles the script via Aegisub will create the chapters.
    3.) Save as plain text file
    4.) Open MKVMerge, go to Global Tab, see “Chapters,” click “Browse” and load the text file
    5.) ????
    6.) PROFIT!

    • That is indeed faster. I thought a GUI would be easier to learn with, but perhaps yours is more understandable.

      Naisu job.

    • I don’t like Chapters. I don’t dislike thems. I really don’t care about chapters really. I can download and store/delete of some form the extra size, but is more comfortable, and I can download OC without problem and is good thing the store of size. And I don’t use Chapters if don’t be separated the parts from the episode. (And I am sure, 90% of people think same). But I agree don’t put at least the chapters in the sub. is merely stupid, because is very easy.

      • Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

        Seriously, what?

        Chapters are easy to implement, so there is no excuse for not using them. Though I think he/she must be thinking of ordered chapters (if I’m deciphering the above train-wreck of a paragraph correctly). Only with ORDERED chapters is the episode split into parts (OP, Body and ED usually), and they’re a whole different kettle of fish. I avoid them, personally. More trouble than they’re worth.

  3. Funny how nobody, and I mean nobody, got an accurate translation of when Ayano (and then Yui) says something about punishment.

    I think the only ones who got it correct (or the most accurate) was the manga translation group Dynasty, in which they translated it as “Buckingham Penalty.”

  4. Aah, yes, yes, this release have a GREAT good point, if you see, the ED is a karaoke K-Timed, K-Time DAT ending is… well… a REALLY hard and paining work. +1 yay *insert some “yay” of the ED here* for that.

  5. i think these little grammar mistakes should not put on open blog, when editor/translator requested this review. you should send them personally. of-course if there are major problems in translation then its ok to let everyone know what this group is capable of.

    Anime-DS translation is the most decent in all other groups out there for YuruYuri. I was just checking group page on myanimelist and saw link to this page, someone gave minus rating because of this review.

    Well, just because there are extra commas or some capital letters on wrong places, don’t deserve a minus rating when crunchyroll commercial subs are worst.

        • You can whine all you want. I’m just saying that I find your opinion misinformed and unsupported by anything even approaching a thought.

          • Just for shits and giggles, let us look at your first paragraph.

            -> “I” should be capitalized.
            -> To make the sentence flow better – “I don’t think these little grammar mistakes…”
            -> “…be put on AN open blog…”
            -> No need for a comma after blog.
            -> “Y” in “you” should be capitalized.
            -> “O” in “of” should be capitalized.
            -> “Of course” is not hyphenated.
            -> “its” is a possessive pronoun. “it’s” is the contraction for “it is.”

            l2english next time pl0x. Injury to insult: cry more.

    • I’ll say it bluntly, why it also deserve minus point.
      Anime-DS, despite of translation and editing thing :
      1. Bad font choice, border, color, and size for the text
      2. Bad font size, and color for karaoke
      Perhaps you can take this as reference :

      3. Bad typesetting [sorry, but that’s pretty bad. Really, the typsetter really need to read again : ]

      CR releases have better font and they’re easier to read. So, don’t say that CR are the worst.


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