Fansub Review: [WhyNot] Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi (Episode 02v2)

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Back to the reviews. Expect more reviews during the week than you’ve been seeing. I have a bit of a break at work for a while.

File size: 530 MB (@_@)

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Japanese name order.

Karaoke. Not altogether great.


Uhh, lol no.

“Did something bad happen?”

Though I don’t blame the editor for leaving this in. The script in the whole episode is fucking stupid beyond redemption (blame the anime writers). Here’s an example:

“You’re crying.”

“You’re right.”

“That’s weird…”

“I’m not weird!”

“Sorry. Are you angry now?”

“No, I’m very happy.”

Way to go, Japan.

I don’t actually have a problem with this line. I actually thought it was very fitting and wanted to give a thumbs-up to whoever wrote it like this. (>_O)b

Protip: someone who’s weak = a weakling

Get your tenses right.

“That was just the beginning.”


Watchability: Quite watchable. Nothing will really hinder the viewer from getting the full experience of the show.

Overall grade: A-

The v2 fixed the timing errors which plagued the v1. Overall, the release is pretty good under the condition that you don’t care the file size is 530 MB and that the karaoke is kinda shitty.

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  1. The karaokes of Derp are more sucking (and killers of bad PC’s ;_;). And all release of this show are of high size because dark scenes = more bit rate needed for mantain the quality. BUT, this episode for some reason have a shit encode, seriusly, the 01 and 03 have better encodes u:/.

      • The V1 have a really shit raw, but the V2 have really shitty encode, just see the errors in the image (very pixelated and with a lot of imperfections in the image), I downloaded the V2. Just compare with the image of 01 or 03. But the sub. is great and others episode encodes good.

  2. Actually, Dark_Sage, when she’s transforming or when she’s transformed she clearly pronounces her “name” Audu or Andu, not Andou. Only God knows why, but maybe this’ll get explained later on.
    Same thing happens in episode 03.

  3. “That was just the beginning”

    What does the choice of ‘This’ or ‘That’ have to do with the tense used? Surely either one is acceptable.

      • ‘Doesn’t work well with’ is not a rule. It’s your opinion, and one I’ve never seen any documentary support for. The same applies to any of the demonstrative forms: this, that, these or those.
        As you say, “This” is simply used for something close, and “That” for something further away. It has absolutely no bearing on whether you’re talking about something in the past, the present or the future.
        A reporter standing in a pile of rubble says “This was once a home”. The same reporter standing in the road in front of the same rubble points at it and says “That was once a home”.

        • “This” in your example refers to the rubble, not the home. As such your example has no bearing to the discussion – the rubble is there and it’s close.
          “This was just the beginning.” is wrong. In this case the “this” refers to something that no longer exists (it’s over) and in no means is close to the speaker. It’s either “This is just the beginning.” or “That was just the beginning.” The rule in question is the basic rule about what to use for close and distant things.

        • The issue with your example is that you’re using “this” and “that” to refer to physical locations, whereas in this case I assume they mean “this [point in time]” or “that [point in time]”.

          If that’s the case, and whoever is narrating the scene is reminiscing about the past, they would probably say “that [point in time] was just the beginning” because distancing the time being referred to implies it’s in the past. On the other hand, saying “this [point in time]” implies the present.

          To give a reverse example, you would say, “This is no time to panic!” but you would not say, “That is no time to panic!”

          • Nope. Even when referring to periods of time such as in this case, its use is subjective to the narrator. Using ‘this’ with regard to the past simply means not as long ago as using ‘that’, not that it’s wrong to use it, though I’d concede that the ‘this’ form is not as commonly used.
            Just out of curiosity, I did a google search on the two phrases

            ‘That was just the beginning’ – approx. 15 million
            ‘This was just the beginning’ – approx. 11 million


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