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You may notice the new link – “Review_Summary”. This is simply a list, categorized by season, of all the reviews done on

Clicking a show will display a quick comparison of all the groups that did said show, along with a link to the full review. It also has the ability to allow Dark_sage to add a little summary about each show, in a similar fashion to what he some times does with the ‘Wrap-Up’ posts. As it stands none of the shows have this feature utilized, I don’t imagine Dark_Sage will want to go back and edit each show to add it… but he might do for future shows.

Either way, this new feature is meant so you can easily compare several groups, without having to open each review. I hope it serves you well.


Find any bugs, let me know.

– Fibi

EDIT:  Couple things I forgot to mention. On the reviews themselves, you will now see two new headers. One for show, and one for grade – this is what is used to automagically keep the review page up to date. You can also click either of these to display all posts of the same type. i.e clicking F-Tier will show all Chiki and Subdesu reviews… I mean all reviews graded F. *cough*

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