Fansub Review: [FFFpeeps] Nekogami Yaoyorozu (Episode 02)

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I know you don’t have a choice in whose subs to watch for this, but I wanted to watch the episode, so I’m gonna review it, god dammit!

BTW, kliq’s one of my staff in Whine-Subs, so I’m going to be a bit harsh on him for his role in this release.

File size: 197 MB (LQ MKV), 315 MB (HQ MKV)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Karaoke. It exists. The ED’s much better than the OP.

Typesetting. It’s FFFpeeps. You can expect decent typesetting.

On second thought, I guess shouldn’t have expected too much of you guys. :(

Antique item? Just call it an antique.

Accents are important, but they mustn’t get in the way of readability. Add an extra space after “course” to separate the words.

No, kliq. This isn’t poetic language. When you’re using semicolons in regular conversation, you better fucking get it right. You consistently get it wrong by linking clauses that aren’t independent.

You know what, kliq? New rule. You can’t use semicolons until you learn how to use them properly. Consider this training. It’s for your own good. >_<

See, this is where you’d use a semicolon. Each line is an independent clause.The two lines are quite related to each other, so they’re perfect candidates for a semicolon. Using a semicolon followed immediately by a conjunction (like you did later in the episode) is not cool and makes me want to hire a hairy man to rape your eyes out at night. Like, literally, rape them out. Skullfucking, I mean.

Well, that’s odd; the cherry blossoms are late to bloom this year. ~= Well, that’s odd. The cherry blossoms are late to bloom this year.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even use a semicolon here. Why? Because semicolons suck.

The hell’s “bloom prediction”? (Okay, I can figure it out from the context, but it sounds terrible.)

Nooooooo! Goddamn newfag editors with their goddamn inability to pronoun. Fucking…

“Albeit”? You… can’t use albeit in this situation. You actually only need the “I’m actually glad it fell under.” part of the sentence.

I think you mean “leaf”.

Actually, she said “Yuzu-san” here. There’s quite a big difference.


Watchability: Quite watchable. So much text/typesetting means you won’t have time to dwell on any mistakes.

Overall grade: B-

The script was difficult, but the errors were difficult to bear. Still, I’ll give it a B-.

Also, thanks kliq. This release gave me a migraine. Gonna try to sleep it off now. :/

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    • Independent clause = complete sentence. What am I missing here?

      Look at the Replacement Use section too.

      At 1:17, they also say semicolons should be use sparingly, but you use them like you have something to prove.

      You had no lists, so you can’t even use that argument.

      The “hurr durr, it’s for emphasis” argument is annoying, pretentious garbage, but even then, they used COMPLETE SENTENCES. “Resulting in the lowest amount of customers ever.” is not a complete sentence.

      • Well, admittedly, some of them are for emphasis; whereas others, are used because commas are fucking gay and I don’t like them.

        ^See, correct usage.

        I know I probably use them too much but none of the sentences are incorrect. Type them into any program with grammar correct (MS Word, AbiWord, and you’ll see the semi-colons aren’t incorrectly used. Granted I know that those are far from perfect and don’t pick up every error; I do see what you’re saying and will try to use semi-colons less in my subs from now on.

  1. As for the other critiques:
    >Don’t see what’s wrong with the first sentence other than it sounds kinda derpy, but I tried your “editing in two hours” nonsense and the shows sucks dick anyways.
    >Totes on antique.
    >Meh, it looks fine to me, but point noted.
    >I figured bloom prediction was a TL nuance and didn’t feel like changing it.
    >Don’t know why the fuck I need to use a pronoun instead of grandpa. Unless they just said grandpa in the preceding sentence.
    >Albeit works perfectly fine there.
    >Herp on “left”
    >Derp on “Mayu”

    • Read the first line again.
      Uhh, I meant “grandpa” is used as a pronoun there. You need to capitalize it.
      Albeit is never a good choice. Remove it from your vocabulary.

    • I don’t like semicolons XD. And yes, probably is a space, not a comma.

      If is a space, you can change the distance at your like with the command fscx, the number is the % of width from the original. A example:

      No, {i1}of course{i0fscx70} {fscx100}not.

      This is because sometimes the distance created by a single space is too large. But is easy to fix with the fscx the distance.

  2. ‘Albeit’ is very rarely used in spoken English, being mostly reserved for the written word. That said, its use here seems incorrect. If you take its most common definitions as ‘even though’ or ‘conceding the fact that’ or ‘although’, simple substitution won’t work. A couple of examples of correct usage would be:

    ‘Albeit with some reservation, he continued on his path.’
    ‘Albeit without a formal interview, I am pleased to confirm your appointment to the post.’

    I have only very rarely seen the word used to begin a sentence. More usual examples of its use would be:

    ‘It was a wonderful movie, albeit a little too long.’
    ‘His new PC was a great purchase, albeit a rather expensive one’

    Despite the fact that albeit is a conjunction, it’s considered bad style to use it with a verb due to it being derived from the phrase ‘all be it that’, which already contained a verb.

    tl;dr avoid using it in spoken English, especially at the beginning of sentences.


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