Fansub Review: [Doki] Mayo Chiki (Episode 02)

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Despite the great English, there are some TL errors as noted by Nitemare and Imperial.

File size: 217 MB (LQ MKV), 378 MB (HQ MKV)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Nii-san. Japanese name order.



I… huh? Methinks this is some Japanese idiom that totally doesn’t translate literally into English. You can’t keep a non-existent rose a secret because… it doesn’t fucking exist. Sometimes, editors, you need to look at what’s written and if it doesn’t make sense, you need to change that shit ASAP.

Tense confusion. “Whenever I got a nosebleed, they would stop.”


Two options here:

do you think I could call myself her friend?

do you think you could call me her friend?



Overall grade: B+ (Without translation taken into account)

Only four real errors that I found with the English. Typesetting is decent. However, in the comments below, you can find multiple critiques of their translations. Take those comments into consideration when determining which group to go with. Me, I’d still go with Doki. If you’re not a big fan of good English and would prefer your translations to be more accurate, then go with WhyNot.

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  1. Except they failed at the park scene at 9:26-9:33. They thought Kanade was talking to Subaru the whole time when she only told her to give her the phone to Jiro. It’s like a little translation error and someone not actually looking at the scene to see what was going on, or something.

    • Are you kidding me? You know that piece of text at the bottom beneath the overall grade? Read that.

      “What does matter is that Doki has the best Mayo Chiki release and if you’re watching the series, you might as well watch with them.”

  2. The closest idea I have is a metaphor. Kanade’s surveillance was like a non-existent rose. She’s surveying him without revealing herself, yet she also lays traps, like the thorns on a rose.

    I honestly have no idea though.

  3. Just a heads up for anyone who was considering watching their release. After IB dropped the show, I decided to give Doki a try and found several lines that made no sense, and were more than likely the result of poor translation. There are probably more examples, but I’ll point out the important ones that I noticed in episode 4:

    When the main character collapses, his sister says: “Nii-san already died!”. This… doesn’t really make any sense.

    WhyNot? translated it as “My brother might die too…”, which actually makes sense, since their father is dead, and Subaru looks at a picture of him right after the line is said.

    Another one was at the end where Kanade says “At that time, I desperately persuaded Subaru… that you weren’t a chicken.” Nothing like that happens in the episode.

    WhyNot? translated it as “Before, when you were desperately trying to convince her, you weren’t such a chicken.” Now this actually happened in the episode, and makes perfect sense.

    Despite Dark_Sage’s recommendation, I suggest you avoid Doki’s release of this show. It’s like whoever was translating it didn’t understand what was going on in the show. Or any of the staff, for that matter… I don’t really mean to bash them like this. I just wanted to give a quick warning to everyone.

    • Hmmm. I’ll add this into the front of the review so that people know what’s going on. But I’ll still be sticking with Doki unless they somehow mangled their English in 04 and WhyNot suddenly gained an editor.

    • Ah… Went back and re-watched the problem lines and have to agree with you there on both counts.

      Though I think the more accurate translation of “兄さんまで死んじゃう…” would be “Even Nii-san/my brother has died…”. There is no “かも” which would justify the “might” in WhyNot’s translation of the line.

      The second line, which from what I could hear, is “あの時の必死になってスバルを説得したあなたはちょっとだけチキン野郎じゃなっかたもの。” would be something along the lines of “That time you were trying desperately to convince Subaru… you weren’t that much of a chicken (bastard).”


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