Fansub Review: [Hiryuu-Kira] Manyuu Hikenchou (Episode 01)

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I should never have reviewed this uncensored version. I had to do this review in three stages. >_<


File size: 127 MB (Uncensored MKV), 272 MB (Censored MKV)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.

Karaoke. Not very good, although I don’t think you’re watching this for the kara.


Too long to read everything in the time allotted.

The idiom is “truth be told”, not “truth to be told”.

Pretty wordy. Let’s reduce it. “Chifusa, do you plan to tell the whole world about our closely-guarded breast development secrets?!”


Watchability: Quite watchable. It’s actually understandable. Praise be to Hiryuu-Kira for saving us from SubDesu.

Overall grade: A-

Really, better than expected. The show must be close to the hearts of this group’s members.

Edit: I should note that I’m watching episode 2 from them and it’s closer to a B-tier release. Still, it’s better than SubDesu and that’s all that matters.

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    • No. The ‘regular’ broadcast is heavily censored. The AT-X broadcast we use is semi-censored, it shows boobs, but not the breast sucking and stuff like that. There’s also a streaming “Director’s Cut” which is completely uncensored (and shit quality).

  1. Still, it’s better than SubDesu and that’s all that matters.

    LOL,anything is better than SubDesu.
    Thanks for the review.


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