Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki] Natsume Yuujinchou San (Episode 02)

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Better than NoGrp’s release.

File size: 174 MB (AVI) 465 MB (MKV)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.

Karaoke. The OP is split between two different kinds of karaoke. The first one is really nice with the flashing lightning and rain. The second? It’s impossible to follow because the letters are bouncing all over the fucking place. Bad move on that. ED’s pretty good.

Typesetting. It’s good at times.

This isn’t an error. I just wanted to point out that this is an excellent way to do sound extensions in subtitles. Most groups would do something stupid like “How would I know about thaaaat?” which looks like absolute shit.

My eyes… they bleed.

“I also like it quiet every now and then.”

You spent the entire episode referring to him as “him”, not “it”. This should be “him”.

“After that, he went to the mountains and slept, or so the story goes.”

Ukihara Village, you mean. I was surprised to see it capitalized once in this episode, but it appears five or so times in the script.

No, no! Is it that hard to phrase this nicely?

“Since then, both of us started traveling in search of a way back to Ukiharu Village.”

What hasn’t been seen since? The older brother or the name? Cuz this reads “name”.

“they told me Natsume-sama took my older brother’s name, and he hasn’t bee
n seen since.”

Also, would it kill you to place the lines above the scrolling text?


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

Better than NoGrp’s offering. Typesetting and karaoke are good… for the most part, as is the English. Pretty hard not to recommend them, although I’ll be taking a look at Commie next to see what they can pull off.

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