Fansub Review: [NoGrp] Natsume Yuujinchou San (Episode 01)

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All right~

File size: 380 MB (HQ MKV) 190 MB (LQ MKV)

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. TL Notes. Honorifics.

Timing: Good gods. Every line is limited to five words. This means things pass by very quickly and it’s very annoying. This is actually a dealbreaker to me, because even if I can speedread subs, I don’t want to.

Karaoke. Simple, but nice.

Typesetting. The opening typesetting is pretty well done.

See, kids? This is why we try to avoid comma splices.

Why would you capitalize Sukiyaki? I don’t capitalize Hamburger, Pizza, or Hot Dogs. :/

Then… why not call it a shadow cup?

That comma should not be there.

You can see me, can’t you, child?

Either do “I might bring disaster to the Fujiwaras” or “I might bring disaster to the Fujiwara family.”

Or was it that youkai’s doing?

Seriously, did this not undergo any form of quality check?

Get your fucking tenses right. Christ. “she doesn’t know I’m the one with the Book of Friends.”

Whoever thought these lines work together is either insane, stupid, or insanely stupid.

He’s referring to the cat as “sensei” instead of the cat’s name, which means “Sensei” needs to be capitalized.

It seemed to be resulted? I don’t think anyone has ever used this sentence before. Thank you for showing that stupidity is at least innovative.

Found. Found as in “I found these subs to be intolerable.”


Again, they fuck up the tenses with regular abandon. “He’s right.”

Wrong fare, bros.

Started, not “stated”.

And just for good measure, some shitty timing.


Watchability: Watchable. You’ll definitely be able to understand what’s going on with these subs. However, that only applies if you’re able to read fast. If not, good luck.

Overall grade: C-

I hope the other groups on this show are better.

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  1. The Kagejawa thing. I think it mighta been their attempt at keeping to japonaise. Although, they could’ve just made a TL note -_-


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