Fansub Review: [IA-Hikari-Youkai] Nurarihyon no Mago S2 (Episode 02)

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What the fucking fuck?

File size:193 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Yeah, it’s pretty Japanesey.

Font: Eyecancer.

Punctuation: Limited. (Most of the lines that require periods don’t have them. I’m serious.)

I’m not going to waste your time with typesetting/karaoke. Here are the twenty worst lines from the first seven minutes (not including the OP/sponsor message, it’s only five minutes of dialogue):



Watchability: Unwatchable. This is a warning to stay in school past kindergarten, much like pictures of meth addicts are a warning to stay away from drugs.

Overall grade: F-

Holy fuck. I stopped at the seven-minute mark because I couldn’t take it anymore. These are the worst subs I’ve ever seen. At least Espada’s Kaiji was watchable. May god have mercy on their souls because I never will.

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  1. Dark_Sage, long time no see! Still whining about girls that don’t give you the time? Buy a watch dude. LOL at that release. Never watched the anime, I only read the manga. Much better.

    • Nah, either people were taking them too seriously or I wasn’t conveying the black humor well enough. Honestly, I still think those threads were hilarious, but they don’t really fit in with the idea of an otaku-centric blog.

      Also, I agree. The Nurarihyon manga IS better, but that’s not saying it’s good at all.

  2. I hadn’t loled so hard since your Espada review. Well, I actually loled hard as well watching Sankaku’s Fansub Failure.

    It’s a little sad that people don’t even know how, when and where to put a fucking single period, and what’s more, those tenses… I mean, WTF?

  3. Well that certainly is an unique sub.. made me facepalm as I skimmed through.
    God I must live behind the moon, not having ever heard of any of the involved guys, which probably is better that way.


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