Fanrip Review: [HorribleSubs] Sacred Seven (Episode 03)

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Do not go with a fansub group on this show. HorribleSubs is undoubtedly the best choice.

File size: 154 MB (LQ MKV), 285 MB (HQ MKV)

Japanesiness: Western name order. No honorifics. “oni” used to end the sentences of Oni-gawaru.

Karaoke: None. This is HorribleSubs.


firsthand, you mean.

Soul is capitalized because…?

There are a number of errors involving a lack of commas in this release, but I’m not gonna point them all out.

I know Japan doesn’t have any plurals (queue “ronery” joke in 3… 2…), but three centipedes just disappeared. Make it “They’re gone?”


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

From all the shitty releases of fansubs on this show, it’s quite obvious to me that there is no reason why you’d want to watch their releases. I don’t care if you are obsessed with karaoke; the scripts are simply better with HorribleSubs.

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  1. gg’s subs are actually the best for this show.
    The whole thing isn’t meant to be taken seriously, as it would become quite annoying with that mindset,
    gg milks the show for all its comedy potential – They replaced the opening song for episode 5 with another quite fitting song, for example.
    And it’s not a clusterfuck like the Hidan no Aria trolling (Episode 6 was translated via Google, for example), so it doesn’t stop one from enjoying the show itself.

    • I can assure you that gg’s staff is comprised of people to whom the concept of “humor” means “let’s see how retarded our fans are today”. I’ll give you that translating Oni-gawaru’s -oni endings into “hell” was an interesting move. But I’m curious to see what other additions they made to this shitty show to earn so much acclaim from you. Guess that means I’ll watch them for 04 and 05 to see what you’re talking about.

      As for my recommendations, I am operating under the assumption that people who are reading this site are interested in the best release available. Because of this, I am going to recommend the subs are the best, not the ones that create the largest threads on GaiaOnline.

      • “I can assure you that gg’s staff is comprised of people to whom the concept of “humor” means “let’s see how retarded our fans are today””
        And this works because the followers are simply a bunch of full retards. Just see the torrents of gfg (koreans google translated trollsubs) with 6000+ downloads and a huge number of fans, lol.

        • And it’s more funny when a spanish shitgroup actually take the sub of gfg and speedtranslate it in two hours to the spanish (a crappy of spanish), and launch a shitty release with a LQ of 70mb, and they recived a lot of “thanks!” “you guys are the best!” (more than 50-200 per release), and stuff.

          • Dumb people doing fagspeedsubbing when they don’t even know how to write (obviously much less of english), just for e-penis (masive quantity of downloads and “thanks!” “You are my heroes!”). ;_;

          • Wow, finally someone from the Spanish scene who does know what our fansubs (Spanish ones, that is) are like. I mean, I grew tired of reading incoherent lines, shit phrases to adecuate in the context, and orthography mistakes all over the fucking script. And not only that, just like you stated, the quality is just a NO. Those famous “versión Lite para los que quieran ahorrar espacio” or “versión Lite para máquinas no tan potentes.”

            English fansubs are and will always be the best ones, though there are _some_ exceptions.

            Anyway, I almost do not comment here, but Dark_Sage, thanks a lot for this awesome work. Must be tough :D

    • @ Nyara: Why are you here? Dam. You are everywhere. XD

      Thank you Nyara for explaining to some how the Spanish scene is in anime. It is sad HOW we have tons of lite versions, google subs and worst part PEOPLE ACTUALLY liking it. Lucky for me, I understand the English language so I don’t have to wait for any Spanish fansub to release something. Well, I am still learning a language which isn’t my native ;)

      I have been following this website for about a week and I have to said that it is very informative.


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