Fanrip Review: [HorribleSubs] Kamisama no Memochou (Episode 03)

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My eyes… 8th, why did you make me review this? ;____;

File size: 146 MB (LQ MKV) 332 MB (Super LQ MKV)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. Western name order.

Font: It’s professional. That means it’s eyecancer.

Karaoke. Okay, at least it’s there. They deserve some credit for that, at least.

Typesetting. It sucks, but they deserve credit for trying (and they did more typesetting than Chihiro did). Not like it’s the pros’ faults the technology they use is from the 80’s.


See, I actually trust that the professional translators these days will, on the whole, do a decent job with their work. So, I looked up what exactly these two periods meant — to see if I had been wrong in the past about them being incorrect. The results for “two periods” on google led me to some… interesting results. Then I was on wikipedia, trying to see if it was an uncommon form of ellipsis. It’s not. Nor is it any form of typographic mark. It’s just wrong…

What a disappointment. :(

Great encode.

More like

“He runs a finance company called Hellow Corporation that’s a front for the Kishiwada Group.”


lewd is not a noun.


Watchability: Watchable. The script itself is decent enough, but the visual quality is quite shit.

Overall grade: C-

I’m not gonna give them a handicap for their grade just because Sentai had to deal with shitty technology. Their English errors don’t cause any confusion, but the antiquated typeset, font, and karaoke that are inherent in official works are simply cancerous to one’s eyes. Combined with TheAnimeNetwork’s shitty encode and you have a C-.

If we’re just looking at the script, it’s better than EveTaku’s/UTW’s, but worse than Chihiro’s. So I don’t really see any reason to pick up the HorribleSubs release even if you only care about the English.

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  1. >HorribleSubs’s shitty encode

    The encode comes straight from The Anime Network. HorribleSubs does zero encoding themselves, all their video is exactly how it is in the source they ripped the particular series from.

  2. You should have seen the typesetting in TAN’s Episode 1; you know, with all the text messages in the beginning. Yeah, it was… Not sure if HS fixed it (though I doubt they did).

  3. Yeah, yellow font + ancient typesetting sure suck. Thanks for suffering through it :)

    I only watched ep1 and ep2. There were some difficult lines translated insanely well, but others were really half-assed. I kind of wanted a second opinion.

    Whoever translated this had really high accuracy, but he/she wasn’t god-tier pro TL like the ones for Utena or Princess Tutu DVDs. I guess their editing wasn’t so hot either.

    • Well, the editing wasn’t all that troublesome. I mean, I only had four shots up there that related to the editing. My problem was with the poor visual quality for… everything, really. I’m no aesthetist, but this was really bad.

      Glad the translation was fine, cuz I really didn’t see many problems with the script.


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