Fansub Review: [Monokage] Kamisama no Memochou (Episode 04)

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I’ve been giving out A- grades like candy recently! Delicious, delicious candy!

File size: 339 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.



Font. This font is like a rollercoaster. Not a good rollercoaster, either. It’s like a rollercoaster that molests young children while smoking unfiltered cigarettes. The worst kind of rollercoaster. :(

Either my video card is dying or this is bad encoding. Not quite sure which at the moment.

Making curtains? Hmm? Pretty sure Master-sama doesn’t make curtains as a side job. Drop the “making” from the sentence.

injecting protein into what?

“Drop this simpleminded notion that injecting me with protein will make me grow!”

Also, obligatory “I’d love to inject her with my protein.”

strengthen, you mean.

You can’t wear a sunglass, but you can wear sunglasses. Well… I guess you technically could wear a sunglass, but it’d be more like monocleglass. Hm, a little bit of MS Paint and…

Okay, I’ll accept it.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: A-

So I guess this brings them head-to-head with Chihiro for this show.

  • Monokage’s typesetting and karaoke are better.
  • The English errors were less phrasing errors like in Chihiro’s and more word choice issues, which is less distracting.
  • Chihiro’s font is better, but honestly, both groups didn’t do a great job on that end (you can hardly tell the difference between uppercase and lowercase in Chihiro’s and Monokage’s is like a rollercoaster as previously mentioned).

Assuming that fucked-up encode right there isn’t their fault, I’d have to recommend Monokage. Actually, I’d probably recommend Monokage anyway because one encoding derp doesn’t affect the entirety of the series (but it would drop the grade here).

However, their torrents have no seeders and they have no other way to acquire their files — either through DDL or IRC. So, while theoretically I’m recommending Monokage, they fucked up their distro so bad that I’m going to recommend Chihiro as the most practical choice.

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  1. I pretty much stopped taking these guys seriously after seeing this TL note on their website:

    15:24 How about my balls?

    {Spoiler from the light novels} Tetsu’s offer to bet his testicles makes sense because the yakuza, Nemo, is gay.

    Maybe they were just trolling.

    • That is them undoubtedly trolling. Or maybe they’re just retarded (would explain their distro situation). However, I didn’t see anything approaching a troll in this release or I’d have made sure to bitch about it.

  2. Just wondering about the top-right pic of the typesetting part as those 3 words “準備中” means “In Preparation” instead of “Closed”. Had to say I read from a Chinese’s point of view and did a google translate to reconfirm it.

    Please ignore my post if anyone think it’s not that important.

    • It does say “In Preparation”

      The problem is, I’ve never seen an “In Preparation” sign in English. Technically, that’s “Closed”. We (UTW) went for “Opening Soon” instead.

      • I do understand the motive for using “Closed” or “Opening Soon” and I’m not trying to say it’s wrong, was just wondering will others think “In Preparation” sounds better or not.

        If I do offend any translator or fansub group here, I apologize for my previous post then.

  3. hmm, something is disturbing me.
    I’m not an english native speaker, but what’s better?
    Wear a sunglass or put a sunglass?

    • Wear sunglasses or put on sunglasses. Sunglasses are referred to as a pair of sunglasses and therefore (outside of D_S’ example) you cannot have a “sunglass.”


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