Short Fansub Review: [Ruri] Morita-san wa Mukuchi (Episode 03)

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Reviewing for completion’s sake~

File size: 20 MB (AVI), 32 MB (MKV)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.




Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: A [Pass]

I guess there aren’t any real problems with this release. I’m not gonna bitch about the typesetting/karaoke just so I can give them an A-. Enjoy your A on a 3-minute show, guys.

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  1. bring? Try “carry”.

    Uh, how about no?
    Haven’t you ever heard anyone say this? ._.
    In fact, I heard this daily while I was in school.
    As such, I dispute your error because this isn’t even an error.

    • Bring needs a destination. The sentence is incomplete as-is. I can see the argument, though, for how it’s implied based on common speak. So, I’ll give you it~

  2. I came to realize that in your upcoming fansub wrap-up, you’re gonna pick a recommended group solely on the single episode you reviewed. There’s a chance that an F tier group manned up and did improve.

    I guess watching each group’s entire release is a bit too much.

    • I think the episodes I review are good indicators of future quality. If not, and a group thinks they can do better, that’s why I have the re-reviews. Even then, I’m about to finish up the season in a few days, so I have something called Translation Parties coming up (though they’re only really fun when there are 3 or more groups competing on a series).

      You’re right in that it’s possible a group terribly screwed up one episode and was far better in the other ones, or that a group fucked up the entire series and managed to make a good episode once, but the likelihood of that is so small that I simply don’t see the need to have enough writers on the site to review every episode from every group.

      I think the three layers of redundancy for this season will be accurate enough to give a fair indication of a group’s quality for shows.

      • And of course, your readerships can try some releases too, or simply prefer X over Y for the honorifics, karaokes, typesetting, encode, speed, etc.. In this season you delivered a lot of information of each releaase. And if someone don’t liked your favorite release in the follow of episodes, you can change in whatever point of fansub/fanrip, lol.

        For example, I prefer UTW Kamimemo because I believe in the accuracy of translation of 8th and I like a lot the encodes and typesettings of the group too. And the english is from fairly decent/good in each episode, so, I am ok with the release. But you in this case liked more Chihiro, are a diferent opinion, but your review provided me of good information for take a decision. o,o

        • (Shot, my redaction in english really sucks O:, I will improve with the time I guess…)

          Another example is my decision with Mayo Chiki, I intially go with WhyNot, but I don’t liked the typesetting and I don’t seen any improvement in it in each episode (and in the overall don’t be a great release, and I love the OP and ED of Mayo Chiki, so, I don’t really wanna a shitty karaoke for this show at least), I see your review of Doki, good english, good typesetting (I liked the karaokes too), and overall pretty good, so, I changed to Doki now, and for the moment, with the course of the serie, I am happy with Doki release.

  3. >kitsudzuku
    Disregarding the usage of “injuries” in the physical sense in the translation of what clearly appears to be a love song (unless the song title in the screenshot is a troll), the group can’t even Romanise hiragana properly.

    • Well, injuries is ‘not’ wrong technically, though I’ve never heard of an injured heart. (Well, unless it was meant literally lol)

      Meh, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and take it as an honest typo mistake for kizutsuku.


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