Fansub Review: [Zenyaku] Busou Shinki OVA

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Oh Zenyaku. What am I going to do with you guys? What a way to start out the season.

Release Type: MKV (36 MB)

Typesetting: None.

Japanesiness: N/A

Karaoke: No OP/ED this episode.

Special Note: This anime only has five-minute episodes.

This is the first thing that pops up when you watch their release. I can understand the desire to be credited, but most groups take the classy route and paste their logo over the show’s logo. Not Zenryaku. They wanted it to be more noticeable, so they pushed it in at the beginning. And no, it’s the not the most classy of typesetting jobs either.

Font: Who the fuck…

Both lines came in ridiculously early, as soon as the scene changed. This practice tends to be acceptable when the line is directly preceded by another line (for continuity of subtitles and to prevent “strobo-subs”), but these lines were preceded by nothing.

When someone says “Hey let’s go already!” the natural follow-up by another person is not “Right?” I know they fucking say “Da ne” and your newfag translator subscribes to the “But literal is best! My college sensee told me so!” belief, but the goal here is not to look up every line in a dictionary — it’s to provide an actual translation.

In a situation like this, a kid would generally say “Yeah!” or any such affirmative statement. Right?

This line is phrased like it came from “The North Korean Guidebook to American Phrases”. Come on, guys. Is “I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone admirable in this town.” such a jump? Of course, I’m operating under the assumption the original TL is at least somewhat right, and that’s a very bold assumption to make with the quality of subs these days.

You’re going to want to capitalize this. Why? Because this grey-haired sexpot is replacing Generic Villain A’s name with “Master” on a presumably constant basis. And names get capitalized.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: Fail

Bad font and poor phrasing. It’s only 5 minutes. How do you fuck this up?

Not really feeling Zenyaku as a quality choice on this. Let’s see how the other groups perform.

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    • “I’m skipping the Liquid-Subs release because they’re just another reincarnation of MSPN/Chiki. I no longer even classify them as fansubs.”

      Nonsensical translations and poor English. Oh, and their font was shit too.


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