Fansub Review: [Commie] Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai OVA (v2)

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Now for something a little better than Mazui’s release.

Release Format: MKV (146 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. An-chan is translated into “Big Bro”. Similar Japanese terms are translated, but they retain the use of the Japanese third person.

Font: Stiff and blocky. Not a fan.

Note: Commie released a v2 patch for this episode, but didn’t actually release the v2 in a full release format (as a separate release, that is). This is a pretty desperate attempt to save face by pretending like they didn’t fuck up at all on the v1. I’d even go so far as to call it pathetic. Regardless, I’m going to review their v2 over the v1, but I felt it important to mention.

Note 2: Episode duration is 11 minutes.



This is more like it.

This is how these screens should look. The second screen is cutting it a bit close with the distance between the on-screen characters and the script, but they don’t overlap, so it works.

Translating the title using suitable typesetting? What a novel idea!

Nice to see these typeset.




Insert/Ending Song/Closing Song.

The insert wasn’t very impressive, but I quite liked the use of the butterfly for the ending song. The closing song was fine, though not particularly engaging. No kanji/romaji for any of them.


“meat” should be capitalized. It’s made clear at the end of the episode in that this is a nickname consistently used through the series, necessitating its capitalization.

Poorly timed. This comes after she says “Ama! Na–” so that the stutter is wasted here.

Disinfectant is not a food, so don’t call it that.

“If Rika were to name the closest thing this resembles,”

Not exactly the right tense here.

“Clearly, my absence would improve nothing.”

This is coming off the line “You’re the only one going down the drain.”

Obviously, this follow-up is nonsensical.

What the shit is this?


Watchability: Watchable. Nothing here is likely to make you stab a screwdriver through your monitor.

Overall grade: B

Some awkward lines cause trouble, but overall the release is better than Mazui’s.

Now onto EveTaku.

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    • I’m trying to figure out a way to create one-word categories. It’s not working so far. The grade is supposed to be a “B”. Hmm, so I guess I’ll just do “B”? Yeah, that should work.

    • Ah, apologies. I didn’t really explain myself.

      Person 1: You’re the only one going down the drain.
      Person 2: A goddess like me would never!

      Would never what? Would never go down the drain? Would never be the only one going down the drain? It’s not a very natural-sounding follow-up, especially when you look at the tenses for both sentences.

      What I’d have liked to see is a more straightforward retort, e.g. “A goddess like me? The hell I am!”


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