Fansub Review: [Mazui] Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai OVA

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Passable script coupled with bad typesetting and dull karaoke. This is the group that everyone orgasms over? Leechers, please.

Release Format: MKV (114 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Words like “Aniki” and “Senpai” used.

Special Note: This episode is only 11 minutes long.



Let’s be straight, they failed it.

Amateur. The script should never overlap with what’s being typeset when it harms the aesthetics this much.

These weren’t even typeset.

It works okay.

… the colors don’t even match here. Do these kids not know how to use the eyedropper? It’s fucking gradeschool shit.

Quality work.



The same template is used for everything. I can’t say it’s very impressive.

Insert Song/Ending Song/Closing Song. They really shouldn’t have used Shadow to that extent on their kara. It looks bad in action, especially on Insert 1. No real thought was spent toward the color choices and there are 0 effects. It’s nice that they included the romaji and kanji though.



It’s good enough.

This mistake is repeated ad nauseam throughout the episode. And yes, it’s a mistake. Senpai should be capitalized here. What I find surprising about this is that they followed the right rules for character names in the rest of the episode.

You can’t have a practice hot pot. That’s stupid. You can make one, though. “let’s make a practice hot pot.” Of course, the sentence will steal read awkwardly even with that addition. Why? Because this line sucks.

“To ensure this hot pot party’s success, let’s have a practice party first.” <- This succeeds on so many more levels. Why? Well, first it’s grammatically correct and to the point. Additionally, it makes her line more awkward if she suggests a practice party rather than simply a practice hot pot. And awkward social interactions are the point of the show. Hey Mazui, maybe I should translate for you.

Double question mark? Why??

These are two different lines. Standard practice is to color the top line a different color so it is clear that they are separate.

First off, this is one continuous stream of thought, so the second line should not be capitalized.

More importantly, there is no such thing as sterilizing alcohol. Alcohol is sterilizing by nature. The word you were looking for is “rubbing alcohol”.


Watchability: Watchable. But those who enjoy aesthetic quality in their releases may want to look elsewhere.

Overall grade: C+

A gentleman’s C may be good enough for Mazui, but I expect a bit more from fansubs.

And yes, poor typesetting, meh karaoke, and an unimpressive script results in a C now, especially for an 11-minute episode.

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  1. The romaji “Bokuha Tomodachiga Sukunai” in the main title is actually part of the logo. The “Mazui presents” part is the only part that was added.

    • Just realized that when I was going through Commie’s version. Must’ve changed it right around the same time you made your comment. @_@

  2. It seemed lazily done when I watched it. They usually do a far better job and hopefully they will return to that for the actual episodes of this show. They are also coming off of hiatus and I don’t know if they are trying to replace people or they had someone doing the typesetting that normally doesn’t because of that. Either way I am going to reserve judgement until the real episodes start coming out.

  3. Mazui has never been good.

    They’re similar to gg, Eclipse etc. “Semi-watchable/fairly mediocre/subpar” speedsubs, by today’s standards = OMG.


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