Fansub Review: [Ayako-Himatsubishi] Working’!! (Episode 01)

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I feel so bad for Ayako. Their TLs are incomprehensible morons. Thus, I have decide to give them what I call the “four-shots handicap”.

I will take the equivalent of four shots before reviewing their releases. The purpose of this is twofold: to alleviate the guilt I feel for what amounts to picking on a braindead child and to allow me to finish an Ayako episode without wanting to strangle the nearest living thing.

 Release Format: MKV (193 MB), AVI (120 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. “Sempai” used.

Typesetting: Haha, it’s almost as if you expect Ayako to be competent enough to typeset.

Sage’s Inebriated State: Bad enough to consider this the greatest thing I’ve seen all month:

What the hell is the point of “to say” here? I wanted to think “It’s unfortunate to say, but” is actually a phrase that has never been uttered in history before. Unfortunately, Google reveals a disturbing number of other dipshits who don’t know English.

Oh god, the lack of understanding how to capitalize that I know Ayako for. It’s going to be like this throughout the episode, isn’t it? Goddammit.

Somebody thought this sentence was acceptable. That person needs to die.

Coming off of “You seem like the store manager.” the natural follow-up is “I am the store manager.” I’m not sure how much I can stress the need for accents in subtitles. Worthless, “what is an English” morons will always fail to understand their necessity, and I don’t feel like explaining the basics of my language in every fucking review. Here’s what you need to know: This should be accented and Ayako didn’t accent it.

What the fuck am I reading?

Protip: Any group that does this uses a FOB TL. Learn to standardize your translation, you useless shits. “Senpai” is the commonly accepted romanization of the word. Don’t like it? Don’t fansub.

Seriously, don’t fansub.

As small and cute today as when? You don’t have a fucking comparison to anything here. Good goods, what were you thinking (if anything)?

Are you fucking kidding me? This is how you translate the Japanese restaurant greeting? Get out of here. No, really, get out. And stay out.

This is not acceptable. Drop the “there”. There is no need to further redundacize your subs. I’m not sure if redundacize is actually a word. If it isn’t, well congratualations, Ayako. I coin it in your honor.

No. He’s using this in place of her name. Capitalize this shit, you stupid fucks.

I wish you could see the look on my face when I watched this part. It was confusion mixed with pity mixed with more confusion. I really don’t understand how someone could be this stupid.

Oh, no.

Now, I don’t want to assume anything. I haven’t seen any prior episode of Working , after all. But I am relatively certain that she is not his girlfriend and thus this line is fucking wrong.


every day. Everyday is an adjective.

Now, I’m no translator, but I don’t think “Hai” translates to this. Especially considering this line is suppposed to be said by the girl when it’s being said the four-eyed twat in the picture. Way to go, Ayako. You redefine stupid every day.

There don’t seem to be any signs that your English is getting halfway decent.

This is incomprehensible, wapanese bullshit.

More like “than when I  first started working here.”

My honest reaction to this line:

Open-mouthed astonishment followed by a deep, long sigh.

Okay, that’s it. I’m done. I’m only seven minutes into this release, but I can already tell the quality of the rest of it. Ayako can’t fansub. There is really no getting around this simple fact. Every member of Ayako’s staff is a worthless imbecile whose existence only cheapens the value of humanity.


Watchability: Unwatchable. I count 14,000 completed downloads on Nyaa. This is unacceptable. All 14,000 people need to be eviscerated. I wish I was joking, but you’re enabling Ayako’s stupidity. You honestly don’t deserve to live.

Overall grade: F as in Fuck Ayako.

When it comes to English, Ayako is the modern-day equivalent of someone arguing that the Earth is flat and that people who think Australia exists are lying. I really can’t think of any other way to describe them. Don’t get their release for Working’!! Actually, don’t get their release for anything ever.


Spiegel, your translators are shit. Your editors are shit. How fucking hard is to get a decent staff together? Don’t act like this isn’t your responsibility. Fix your shit. It’s not too late.


Special fact: Remember that Bakugan video I referenced earlier? Yeah, I put that music on in the background as I watched Ayako’s working. No, seriously, it was the only way I could stand their release long enough to get the material needed for this review.

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  1. Why the hell was this version released if it was the unedited version. Really there is no excuse to upload an half-assed release and tell people to wait for a v2 if they want quality.

    • “I count 14,000 completed downloads on Nyaa.”

      Sorry, that’s all that matters anymore nowadays. Leechers want their Chinese cartoons NAO, so they’ll take any piece of turd that comes up first. So pray all you want, as long as Ayako has speed on their side, they’ll *always* be at the top ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

  2. I hear they didn’t even crop the blue bars out of the transport stream. I’m actually amazed they’re still going, and still getting downloads. I can’t blame leechers for going for the fastest release, but surely Ayako must know how shit they are.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that, I was raging so hard at the English.

      Yes, they didn’t crop out the bars in the first 25 seconds of the show.

  3. Damn you people! It was a joke, as it seems like it was released before being edited, because of the bad English and stuff…you know…

    The fact that I asked for a re-review should have helped too, since Dark Sage clearly said no re-reviews. Not to mention the little ‘:D’ at the end.

    Damn you people, damn you!

  4. So they are reaching SubDesu’s level? Or they have surpased them already…? WTF. I still get offended by the idea that there are people watching them nowadays.

  5. Well, I watched the same fansub (all the way through, I might add) and pretty much the only problem I had with the actual translations is the sheer FOBishness of some of the lines. I didn’t think it was all that inaccurate (although doesn’t excuse the sheer FOBishness of the whole script. Not by a long shot).

    Yes, one might argue that the line in snapshot 3:50 (“I’m breaking up with you”) is technically right since 絶交だ!(zekkou da!) literally means “I’m breaking off relations with you” but as you pointed out, this is Amurika and we just don’t say it like that. Just on that principle alone the line is simply wrong.

    Too bad you didn’t watch the next scene where they fabulously translated the word “otome” as “virgin” as in “It’s a virgin’s secret,” and “You tricked a virgin!” Really, they couldn’t have used “girl” or something?

    Also, towards the end they took the Engrish word “foroo” too literally and put down “Takanashi, be sure to follow her example.” and “Follow Yamada’s example too, Takanashi-san.” Of course, that’s just wrong, since “foroo” in that case means “have someone’s back.”

    Also, too, they didn’t translate the word “gecko” and just left it as “yamori.” Why? They thought it was, quote, “part of the joke of not knowing what it is”, unquote, although if you saw her face during that scene she clearly knew what they were telling her to eat.

    Anyhoo, this release is clearly a consequence of wanting to get out their subs first and grabbing all the leechers. It was clearly a rushed script done by a furriner who’s at least better than most, but who still needs some serious editing. Plus the lazy timing, lack of typesetting and the usual lack of QC proves they don’t care about quality, just the download count. And do you know what? It works. They got the leecher count, and I was able to see this episode off an anime streaming site that just grabs the first release that pops up.

    Well, I don’t really blame them since it’s a pre-airing episode filled with chyrons, broadcast info and weather reports. It’s not really something to go out of your way to satisfy a bunch of idiot leechers who’ll just download any junk anyway.

  6. >”Protip: Any group that does this uses a FOB TL. Learn to standardize your translation, you useless shits. “Senpai” is the commonly accepted romanization of the word. Don’t like it? Don’t fansub.”

    Brother, you read it as “sempai”.

    • Actually… the romanization is made in base of japanese pronunciation and rules of romanization., no using as base the english pronunciation. For example, in spanish we have the same pronunciation of most of syllabes, but in spanish we write the japanese sound of “tsa/e/i/o/u” as “za/e/i/o/u”, but… we don’t put “zundere” in place of “tsundere” just because we use the “z” in place of “ts” for that pronunciation.

  7. As much as I want to agree with you 100% up there, some of the examples you gave aren’t really mistakes at all. I shan’t mention which, go brush up your English, then come back to this article…

  8. Well, regardless of what some of you might like to think, some of the sentences shown in this review contain no grammatical error

    However, that doesn’t change the fact that those sentences are still terrible English. It doesn’t have to be technically incorrect in order to be completely moronic.

  9. You know what’s funny? This is about 10 times better than when Himatsubishi tried going it alone during the last season of Working!!. I’m not even joking. It had lines like “I’m more sempai than him!”, “Satou-kun to me to keep it a secret.”, “I think she is an attraction in this shop which suddenly attacks you.” and “The only thing I can see is you destryonig the store”

    I kept screenshots.

  10. Some of the comments here made me want to scream and kill myself. Humanity is officially doomed. English shall be turned into a language spoken by dogs. Anime shall be watched by retards and fucktards who don’t give a shit about language and just want to see naked anime boobs (which will be the fate of all future Anime ’cause of the aforementioned people also creating such Anime)

    Oh people of the Earth! Wake up! Otherwise go drown yourself and do us all a favor. And take your crap Engrisu with you.


    *shudders at the world’s imminent fate*


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