Fansub Review: [Oyatsu] Mashiroiro Symphony (Episode 01)

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Oh god, this anime. I mean, the subs are… err… watchable. But this anime… This narrator bitch went on for 45 seconds about how red mixed with *random* equals white. I mean, what the fucking fuck? I’ll give my opinion on this shitty show later. Subs now.

Release Format: MKV (8-bit, 301 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order. Onii-chan. And you know that annoying shit in Japanese where you’re talking to someone and then you say their name as if they’re in the third person? Yeah… they do that.


Opening. Muted colors, k-timed. Yeah, it fits pretty well for a romance anime.

Ending. They clearly have some experience with this because it’s done and it’s done right.



This typeset followed the panning/zoom in the scene really well.

Japanese overwritten. I do like when groups can manage it. Makes for a more localized feel.

This group is really on top of its shit when it comes to typesetting. Gonna call this one a job well done.



You would usually ask “Is there a landmark nearby?” or “Are there any landmarks nearby?” This just isn’t something you’d say.

Think of this as like peanut butter and jelly. You put the jelly (a comma) in between the peanut butter (the word “very”) to get “Um, really, thank you very, very much.” At least I think that’s how peanut butter and jelly works.

I really don’t like to rag on comma splices, but come on now.

The proper follow-up is not “Me too.” which suggests the girl wants to meet herself again. Use “Likewise.” instead.

Why the fuck do groups constantly do this? I mean, really. Where the fuck did they learn this shitty habit? Goddamn, pisses me off.

an elite

You use “an” for vowel sounds. Ex: “Elite”, “honor”, “apple”, “Argentinian sex slave”.

In an abstract way this works, but let’s not go down that route.

“I thought people could be so surprised by this that they’d leave.”

This is just awful, awful phrasing.

“I think I may have seen that creature before.”

I’m not even gonna attempt to fix this. It’s more awkwardly translated, super literal phrasing. Do not want.

Agh, get your fucking tenses right!

opposing – > opposed to

More like “At the very least”. How do you screw this one up?


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C+

One of the problems with translations that are as literal as this is you get some awkward, awkward lines. People forgive them for it because “OMG its ins the natural Japanese KAWAII desu uguu” but there are serious sacrifices to be made in actual script quality for something like that. The karaoke and typesetting are spot-on. They’re really good. But the script? Wasn’t feeling it.

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  1. >Ian letting Dark_Sage compliment my k-timing
    Sarcasm hopefully

    What a great way to start the day after reading that Kyonyuu tried joining Chihiro for the epussy.

  2. I have simply no idea why this Doki spawned alike is doing the same show they are doing?

    As I always say, let’s watch Commie’s vers- Oh wait! Commie isn’t doing this show…. Dammit!

    • Yes. Why bother lets enjoy Zenyaku.

      It’s pretty obvious they are trying to differentiate themselves. But yeah they should just take your advice (twice) and stop.

  3. I actually found Oyatsu’s release to be quite nice. Their TL is excellent (it’s a little more on the literal side, but nothing sticks out to be particularly wrong). Reminds me of Eclipse back in the day.

    “Who would be surprised and leave” holding a ball. Then again, not a mistake, just different translation styles. How would you have translated those two lines then?

    Giving this a C is a bit harsh, no? B at the worst in my opinion.

    • “I bet this could double as a ballroom.” “After all, there’s already a maid here to welcome us in.”

      I prefer natural speak. If you wanted me to limit myself to the awkward style throughout the release, I suppose I could manage that.

      Maybe if the errors were simple, I could see your point. But regardless of the nice typesetting and karaoke, a C+ is fair due to the awkward script.

  4. I’m sorry for all those errors we’ve committed.

    On the day of release, I was to catch a flight, and several problems came up before and on that day. Only we the staff now what we had to go through to get the release out, lol.

    In any case, pointsnoted. We’ll do our best to improve.

    PS. 1. We do our stuff independent of Doki.
    2. We have no intention of stopping, even if some well-wishers(?) want us to.


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