Fansub Review: [Shini-Subs] Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (Episode 01)

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Fine, fine.

Release Format: HQ MKV (8-bit, 455 MB), LQ MKV (?-bit, 299 MB)

Japanesiness: Combination of honorifics and Mr./Ms./Teacher/etc. Japanese name order.

Font: The fuck is this? I’ll rant more in the Script section, but goddamn.



Really, really fucking liked how they handled the insert song.

Hey, this is pretty good. The kara fits well. If the rest of the release holds up to this standard, we’ll be in business for something great.

Not particularly orgasmic, but considering the screen space they had to deal with, it’s pretty satisfactory.



Let’s just get this outta the way. Is the typesetting good? Eh, not really. Is there a lot of it, though? For the most part, yes. They had more signs typeset than Commie’s release.

Not feeling the shadow here.

It’s not really well done, but at least it’s done. So there’s… that?

Some examples. I did like that pretty much everything was typeset. And it was done well sometimes, so that’s good.

Well, everything but this. Some groups think titles are useful. Guess Shini disagrees.



This is the kind of shit most of you are going to see when you boot up Kyoukai from Shini. As you may have inferred, they didn’t fucking mux in the right font. Their solution for this is to offer a link to the font on their site so you can install it on your computer and stand watching the release. As this wasn’t v2’d, but merely “patched”, it means that most viewers are going to get the shitty experience highlighted above.

I hate to keep bitching, but I bet this would look really good if they had the actual font– Wait, wait. This is the actual font they wanted (yes, I “patched” my copy)? Holy Jesus, what a fucking improvement. Sure am glad this is the font they wanted to show us, or I might be suffering from the eye cancers throughout the episode.

This, kids, is why inbreeding is illegal.

No, thank you, Shini. Thank you for you quality release.

Poor word choice. And no, I’m not gonna leave it like that. I’m gonna break it down so you understand why I’m saying this.

She “crushed” a wall? She’s not a fucking rock crusher, guys. There are like 5,000 generic verbs you could use instead that don’t lead to stupid visuals. And before you whip out your dictionaries, I’m already way ahead of you.

“Crush: To break, pound, or grind (stone or ore, for example) into small fragments or powder.”

This sentence is implying that “This girl, armed with her fists and swords as her primary weapons ground an entire wall into powder.”

I know the argument already. “But it’s just an exaggeration!” “It was used to deepen the humor!” All accurate, but missing the point that there are far better words that could be used. “Destroy, break, level (yes, I would accept level), ruin, wreck” etc. etc.

Good editing’s about more than just grammar. Word choice is important. (For the record, IIRC Commie said something like she “punched through a wall”.)

Funny, you’d think there’d be a word that sums up “a good ability to learn”… Almost something like “aptitude”? Naw, that’d be too simple! <_<

“They always choose students with poor aptitude, like him.”

Nope. Replace Divine with United and try reading this again.

“All of the Divine States originally belonged to us, the Far East,”

Abscences? Absences due to abcesses?

The word is absence, not abscence.

You’re killing me, Shini. No, really, I die a little inside with each line.

Presidnet? President of the Internet?

Damn, Shini’s really good at these. Someone over there should get a job as punmaker.

The dreaded three-liner. Break the bottom sentence into two parts and your problem’s solved.

No, actually they’re all still alive. It’s one of those things you can tell by seeing that they’re not dead. Harmless mistake, though. I mean, what’s the difference when you live in a world where people fuck their language up this much?

The word is bawl. I mean, you can ball like a baby, but I don’t think you’d be a very good baller.

What a great conversation.

Shini put their heart into this. Is it hard to believe that these are edited ANN scripts? Well, they are. Yeah…


“tell us who the lucky girl is. Go on.”

“put you out”? More like put me out of my misery.

I think they’re trying to say “make you feel bad” in some clever way, but… this is not the right way to go about it.

sis? But you… you followed the right capitalization rules in the rest of the episode. ._.

it’s = it is

its = possessive

Please stop screwing this up, world.


Watchability: Somewhat watchable.

Overall grade: D+

Can I recommend Shini over Commie? Unless you like karaoke a lot, I’m afraid there’s really no reason for me to suggest Shini’s version.

31 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Shini-Subs] Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (Episode 01)”

  1. It sucks because we all hate the show. I’d yell at my QC to do a spellcheck next time, but I had to take up too much effort just making him QC the damned show.

    Ah, well. At least it’ll get to edit this week. I didn’t have time to do anything but the kara for this ep. Actually having a real edit phase combined with a spell-check should eliminate all errors for next ep, no worries!~

    Also, the end title not being typeset is because our transcriber didn’t transcribe it and no one afterwards decided to check if there was a title. Seriously. Why do I have to bitch at my staff to get this show done? -_-

      • Same, but I’m just torn who to pick since everyone is having a hard time translating it though. Apparently. Commie v2’d theirs but I’ve read they still missed a few things. Haven’t checked NEET-Gatari’s yet either until later today (I hope).

        • We’re going to aim a bunch higher next week. Like I said, it didn’t get to an editing phase this week, and I will definitely need to bitch at my QC. We do take all errors and issues to heart and work harder to avoid them in the future.

          Hopefully if you hang on, you’ll find ep 2 much better.

          (If Shini’s brother would fucking get off of LoL, Shini might actually be able to download the .ts and encode it so we could release tomorrow.)

  2. To be fair, any and all mistakes can be forgiven for the brain-damage-inducingness (that’s right, I invented a word) of this show. Although…is it bad to say that you enjoyed reading the subs of the show more than the show itself?

  3. Also, we are v2ing ep 1 when we release ep 2. I’ve finally convinced Shini that the font issue needs a v2. Also, will actually run a spellcheck this time, since my QC forgot.

  4. >Every comment
    >Blame the QC

    Okay, I do blame myself on this one. I know I’ve done way better than this. Next week I promise to actually pay attention while watching it.

    • But wait, I actually asked you, Caly, to QC it over again. I specifically told both you and Nightowl64 to look it over because I was not confident in it because I have a hard time doing shows I’m not fond of. So actually, I don’t want to take all the blame. xP

        • How about you all take the blame, instead of trying to point the finger at someone else, eh?

          You all released the episode together, so honestly, each and every one of you should have been QC’ing it as you were reading through the script and editing/timing/typesetting the script. Sure, I know that you all have different labels of “Timer” or “QC” or “Editor” etc, but that doesn’t mean you balk at the responsibility of making sure that the script is comprehensible.

          I should really become an editor myself, but Uni is a bitch sometimes, so yeah.


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