Dark_Sage @ the NYAF comic-cons

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So yeah, I’ll be in New York for the comics cons. If anyone else is going, we could totally organize an awkward “Introduce yourself to one another then look at your feet, waiting for someone to say something interesting” get-together. I anticipate this lasting approximately 30 seconds before one of us can’t take it and just walks away without saying anything. Then the rest will depart, silently thanking that brave hero for stepping up and saving everyone. If you’re up for it, let’s make this happen.

Because I’m cooler

Some of the confirmed, star-studded guests include:

Sapphi [Leader, GotWoot]

Lyger [2nd in Command, EveTaku]

Sindalf [2nd in Command, gg]

8thSin [Leader, UTW]

Waffo [Leader, SFW]


So it’s pretty much gonna be awesome already.


NYAF – if you’re not here, you’re probably doing something more interesting and less embarrassing.

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  1. We could do karaoke, $13 for a karaoke marathon all night. Or eat a Ninja.

    Ninjas serve you food.

    We’re definitely going to Max Brenner’s, though. Orgasmic chocolate and what not.

  2. Oh, lyger’s going too?

    I’ll only be there on Sunday, so… yeah. Not planning to do much except look around and maybe buy a few things.


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