Come on. Horizon is awesome.

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon has been getting a lot of hate lately, mostly from nee-sans and metrosexuals. I’m here to explain why us manly men like the show so much.

Let me just set it on the line: outrageous motherfucking shit. That’s why.

You want a hat with eyes that looks humorously cross all the time? You want a scarf-wearing ninja? You want a parkour, street-dancing badass? HOW ABOUT IN ONE CHARACTER, SON?!

One character? Fuck yes.

Literally every character is this fucking awesome. Every single one of the 30+ characters in the cast.

You want a miko that prays to a chibi goddess? A fallen angel and a descended angel that team up to fire motherfucking plasma shots? A robot that’s also a devout Shinto follower?

This show gives you everything you could ever want… and then some.


And then there’s this motherfucker who had all of 5 minutes in the show, and he fucking took it to the next level. The absolute next level.

Got a hot dog in your mouth? Spit that shit out and suck on this. MC-kun’s info:

  • H-game lover
  • Necrophiliac
  • Fucking sparkles ‘n shit
  • Gives 0 fucks about everything

He is the most awesome male protagonist Japan has ever made. Ever.

You know what’s also great? This fucking plot. Apparently the future sucks, so they go back into the past to change it to what the historical record or something should be but the lines got distorted and there’s a parallel world and everyone’s fighting and it’s the Warring States period… I have no fucking clue what’s going. None at all. And that’s why it’s awesome.

The visuals are like having your own asian massage parlour. Happy endings, all the time. And the kakkoi music? Om nom.

There is nothing wrong with this show. Haters can miss out. They don’t deserve dat Kyoukai.

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    • I am not that big of a stein’s gate fan either, for many of the reasons you mentioned. but it is far better then the utter lack of character and world development that this show is. there where multiple groups who where going to do this show and dropped it because they could not understand what the heck was going on, and not in a good way like penguindrum, this show has gotten straight 1’s and 2’s from every ANN reviewer, even the ones that are guys and normally rate fan service (I HATE THAT TERM) heavy series high. it’s because it had major issues in it’s writing. and also it’s charcters, you thought closet otaku who acts like a tsundare was unoriginal what the heck do you call the Indian guy who always has Ramen with him, atleast stein’s gate TRIED to rip off lesser done archatypes or at the very least put a new spin on it, like daru,the shrine girl/guy, shining finger, Mayuri (biggest nodame ripoff I have ever seen and not in a good way) while horizion has mainly stupid fan service jokes stein gate actually had a REALLY smart and strong ending (that surprised me a lot). so I am sorry but once again I think that a lot of the things you say are a matter of taste, and that yours once again is proven not to be universal so you know, maybe you should tone down the agnst and word choice in your post because it is getting old. if you like a show and say why that is fine, but just because someone disagrees with you does not make them a metro-sexual, it makes them different, and most of us learned by the time we where 13 that just because you disagree it doesn’t mean the other person is wrong nor some sub human species, get off your high horse and learn how to actually present an argument.

  1. You quite literally have cognitive issues if you like this show. Seriously, go see your doctor and get prescribed some Ritalin.

  2. I might be slowly coming around to Horizon. Not sure if like right now, but it’s going somewhere. It is quite the clusterfuck though, slightly reminiscent of FLCL. We’ll see how it goes.

  3. Good points all around. It is a very fun show. Though I’d have to crown Rance as “most awesome male protagonist Japan has ever made”.

  4. Only reason sub-groups hate it is cause they have to translate it and get it right. One of those more difficult shows to translate I guess.

    Still, this is one of my top anime now.

  5. “Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon has been getting a lot of hate lately, mostly from nee-sans and metrosexuals.”

    /me Looks at the picture above of “MC-kun”

    Either you’re trolling or you’re metrofag.

  6. Seriously this show is going to be great at least it looks to be, though yes it is a bit confusing it could of had more time given to it for backstory. I think if you give it time you will come to understand everything. The light novels for this anime are apprently pretty long, some of the novels were 750 pages and i think total for all novels it is over 6000 pages or something so there is alot there.

    Also yes yes and yes the MC Tori takes this show up a whole notch he is also voiced by Fukuyama Jun who is using his fun voice, same one he used for The Legend of the Legendary Heroes MC Lute Ryner.
    Then they gave us Tori funny as hell sister Kimi Aoi. Her best line from episode 1 to Tori was “Oh silly brother, you shouldn’t announce that with an erotic game in your hands. If this girl is on the other side of the computer screen, stick your dick in the power socket and die! It’d be great!” Seriously i love her nearly as much as Tori.

  7. Its because of shows like this and the people who support em that anime has died. id rather watch a new anime kenshin, HxH, skip beat, full metal panic then this retardad bs. I dont even understand what this show is about the dialogues are crap.

    Fan service through ass and tits. Jesus your too dumb to understand that they distract you from the story. The point they do this so much in these crap animes shows these days is because the whole anime is shit and they need to spice it up. Saint seiya OVA lost canvas was one of the few last good shows that had epic ANIME SHEEET.

    Who ever wrote this thread is simply a scrub dont bother replying im i was just passing through the net

    • Hmm… a testament to /a/’s idiotic denizens?

      Your grammar is more terrible than Hadena. Hadena’s passable C+, your’s just got an F.

      Tsk tsk.

    • Hello Shinji, would you like some cheese with that whine? Then watch Horizon, cuz it has PLENTY. I pretty close to agreed with most of what this article said,elitism aside.
      This was an anime that catered to those who decide that fun characters can pull you through even the most convoluted of plot mires. This show was meant to be condensed anime stupidity, complete with never straight out explained but horribly convoluted plot, and the hate of it strikes me as hilarious as every time someone complains about how evil “A Modest Proposal” and asks with indignation “did they take this seriously?”
      But don’t you worry haters, cuz likelihood is, your animes are just as silly and cliched, but without the awesome coat of cheese!(Those who actually watch intelligent series, though you’ll never know if I actually mean you, my sympathies for having to put up with these toddlers)

  8. subjective: the battle scenes were nice, though the MC puts me off in some way (I think it’s his eyes and/or his costume?)imo the positives outweighs the negatives uh.. like the war? I like wars. I <3 wars ideally. not real ones :)

  9. For those who ask who is Horizon:

    She’s a little girl who was set into an accident ten years prior to the story. When she “died”, her body, soul and sins were used to create nine weapons that are literally WMD in that world. She’s the MC’s girl and it looks like the plot will most likely be “piece Horizon together again”.


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