NYAF: Models (Day 1)

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So I took pics of cosplayers at Comic-con. Novel idea, right? Pics inside.

Bear in mind the quality won’t be top-tier. I wasn’t one of the creepy guys with a professional camera taking pics of people. And no, I’m not fucking kidding you. Everybody with an actual camera (not smartphone, that is) was a creepy old motherfucker. Really fucking creepy.

Well, onto the pics!

One of the professional cosplayers out there. She was part of a scavenger hunt where if you found all five cosplayers, you won a free Fairy Tail t-shirt. One of the guys in the dorm I’m staying at won one. It looks pretty fucking awesome. Sorry, I only bothered to find Lucy. Can’t fap to Natsu.

People dancing on the Just Dance 3 stage. I think only two people were actually playing. The rest were backup. There were like 15 people up on this shit.

I really like how this pic turned out. The guy to her left isn’t actually a Kyon cosplayer. But I told him to get in on the pic anyway.

I guess this guy’s from Panty and Stocking. Didn’t watch the anime, but he looks cool. There were two really hot P&S cosplayers, but I didn’t take pictures of them. Sorry. :(((((

This is a picture of a poster cosplaying as Hinata.

Excalibur! EXCALIBUR!

This is a cosplayer cosplaying a Minecraft character cosplaying as Link. Yes, it’s that fucking meta, and everyone loved it.

Just a few people I had to walk past to get to where I wanted to go. Sure am glad they were all so nice and considerate while milling around. <_<

This is Deidara-chan. She was hanging around with us after the con as I was hitting on her. All went well until she said she was a junior… in high school. :////

You can’t see it, but they all had fucking butterflies on their headphones. Shit rocked.

As you can see, she has a tattoo on her left side, which is quite obviously NOT CANON. Shit ruined it for me.

Couldn’t get him all in this pic, but dude was totally giving a thumbs up. (>_O)b

They were all traveling together, but my phone wouldn’t let me get them all in so I took their pics individually.

This was the Zetsu x Tobi x Dracula combination. I actually caught Zetsu by himself first and grabbed the others later.

Is this Twilight cosplay or something? Saa.

She was about to eat pizza, but I stopped her for a picture. Nothing can come between me and my pics.

I didn’t finish Durarara, but I’d finish for her.

I don’t think they were actually cosplaying. But I decided to take a picture anyway. That’s the kind of man I am.

Sapphi stopped and talked to this girl for like 5 minutes, trying to find out her maidly secrets.

This guy was rocking it as Reno so hard my camera blew its mind. Shitty pic, yeah, but he did such a good job I had to put it up here anyway.

Lucy from Elfen Lied. Not sure what those lip piercings are doing there, but Elfen Lied cosplay is always welcome.

Professional cosplayers promoting Marvel stuff.

Didn’t know which pic was better so I figured I’d let y’all decide.

I posted this, mostly for the guy in the back going “dat ass”.

I think this is Raka Lee from Kingdom Hearts.

This 14 year old girl won the karaoke contest and got a giant leek for her efforts. We chatted with her for a bit and she said “ano” and “eto” a couple times (essentially the Japanese version of “um”), but Sapphi was all “Her Japanese isn’t perfect! Ugh, she’s so annoying.” Haters gonna hate, but last I checked, this girl had a leek and you don’t~

One of these two is Lyger of EveTaku. We saw this opportunity for a shot and couldn’t resist.

And… that’s the last one.


So yeah, I got some good ones I think. Need to work on my camera skills a bit, but I hope y’all enjoyed it. We’re heading out to the con for round 2 soon. So I’ll have more later tonight. When I have time, reviews/articles (I have some good stories from the con). But for now, this is the best I can do.

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