[SFWhine] Last Exile: ~Fam, the Silver Wing~ Episode 01/02

All right, now I’m sure some of you are a tad bit confused looking at this post, so let me clarify some stuff before I begin.

1) The group name has changed because this is now a joint project between SFW and Whine-Subs.
2) Yes, we are re-releasing episode 01 with fixes and changes to several things (naming conventions being the most evident).
3) Yes, you do see that correctly, we are in fact releasing episode 02 as well. And yes, that does in fact mean we have a TL doing this for us and we won’t have to wait on Funi anymore. (Hence the joint.)

>mfw when got a TL

With that out of the way, I’ll briefly go over some of the things that I had to change / shit I’m doing from now on. First, Gisey is Fam’s nickname for Giselle, it’s not an incorrect spelling. Second, all ships names have now been italicized because… that’s proper English and I derped. Third, you may not have noticed, but in the first episode there were two mentions of “Claudia” where we thought it was referring to the ship itself. It is not. Claudia is some sort of energy source or something and it’s what the ships run off of. Hence “Claudia rotors”, “Claudia engine”, etc. Also, speaking of ships there are, as of episode two, only four named vessels: Vespa (that ship at the beginning of episode 01), Lasas (flagship of Turan), Impetuous (Federation flagship), and Exile (*spoilers*). Lastly, a minor change from “Turan Kingdom” to “Kingdom of Turan” as well as calling the people “Turanians”.

Okay, now it’s time for the rele- I MEAN SOME FUCKING AWESOME TRIVIA! (That I totally stole from the wiki). So, apparently, each episode name is going to based upon something to do with chess and that makes me excite in my pants because anime that revolve around chess (*cough*Code Geass*cough*) are awesome. I’ll be posting this in the blog each week for those of you interested enough to read it, which should be EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

Episode 01 : Open File : An “open file” is a column on a chessboard that has no pawns of either color on it.
Episode 02 : Fool’s Mate : Fool’s Mate, also known as the Two-Move Checkmate, is the quickest possible checkmate in the game of chess. It received its name because it can only occur if White plays extraordinarily weakly (i.e., like a fool).

And that’s it! Now, what you guys actually want to see: FUCKING RELEASES

Episode 01 720p 10bit Torrent: Here
Episode 01 720p 10bit DDL: Here
Episode 01 720p Torrent: Here
Episode 01 720p DDL: Here
Episode 01 400p Torrent: Here
Episode 01 400p DDL: Here

Episode 02 720p 10bit Torrent: Here
Episode 02 720p 10bit DDL: Here
Episode 02 720p Torrent: Here
Episode 02 720p DDL: Here
Episode 02 400p Torrent: Here
Episode 02 400p DDL: Here

Patch: Fileserve | Mediafire
*The above patch changes/fixes the file “[Whine-Subs]​_Last​_Exile​_-Fam,​_The​_Silver​_Wing-​_-​_01​_[720p][10bit][DB28EC0D].​mkv” to “[SFWhine]​_Last​_Exile​_-Fam,​_The​_Silver​_Wing-​_-​_01​_[720p][Hi10P][120F4E40].​mkv”.

Click patch.bat to get ‘er done. No support given for this. (◕‿◕✿)

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  1. Thank you very much. They probably meant ‘planet’ not ‘star’, but even the 1st series DVD subs were weird that way, so who cares. This is finally living up to the original. :D thank you thank you.

  2. The Vespa is a type of vanship, not the name of their ship. And Claudia is actually just the name of the fuel they used in their ships and technology, as well as a form of currency.

    • What’s with the butthurt, Tormaid?
      Vespas weren’t even mentioned in episode 2, and Claudia was used correctly as far as I can tell , as currency/fuel.
      I did not assist with episode 1, so I don’t know about that ep, but the SFWhine v2 should have fixed any errors like that.

      • That’s what I get for not reading the Wiki thoroughly. I saw it under “ships” and assume we had got it wrong. I don’t see how your post was interpreted as “butthurt” though. Just pointing out a flaw like everyone else.

        • Why stop there? At 3:25 they have a shot of a neat 24hr watch with Roman numerals yet they have the locals writing in ancient Greek (ancient Greeks had a weird numbering system with different symbols). They also have 45 on the dial marked as LXV (65). And flying in an open cockpit aircraft with 3 passengers at 180mph TAS? Right! You always find this stuff in any anime so why worry about it?

          Good series though. Thanks for subbing!

          • It’s not just the locals. All written language in the first series had been English using the Greek alphabet while most regular numerals were Roman.

            Don’t ask me why, that’s just the way it was. Maybe it’s because most people just didn’t hand down other forms of writing when whatever caused people to leave the Earth on Exil happened.

            The chess theme is just being continued in the second series since it was used in the first as well.

            But it is anime and companies don’t always get shit right sadly.

            I appreciate subbers willing to admit mistakes and who would like to look shit up (wish it had been done from the start though). Been hoping for some people who won’t do a shoddy job at getting things right.

            I’m curious if some of the names/titles of ships so far are for the class of ships rather than the ship names? Since they’ve somewhat already done this with the Vespa as it’s a class of the vanship.

  3. u guys do know that Gonzo>Sunrise and therefore THIS>Geass, what you mean you dont even know…guess you guys havent been watching anime long enough

  4. Mentioning code shit next to Last Exile, translating without even watching the first series, making silly mistakes and then teaching us what Claudia supposed to mean… I’ll wait for commie just because (butthurt).


    Thanks so much for the episode and I can’t wait to see the next one! Also, thanks for telling us about the titles! I DIDN’T KNOW UNTIL NOW! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

  6. Episode titles based on chess terms?
    Reminds me of Umineko.
    Gambit, Dubious Move, Castling, Zugzwang, Sacrifice, Problem Child, Prophylaxis and so on…

    • Download the 8-Bit version then, or download the XviD, or just active the pre-buffer subpictures option in DirectVobSub. Complex commands like /transformation/ are of heavy load.

  7. There is a popular trend now for encodes of American television shows labeled with WEB-DL. Whereas many rippers still make HDTV releases, these guys get their sources from digital content providers (such as iTunes) that are released after the show airs. These have far better quality than HDTV rips, and have no station logos etc on the screen.

    FUNimation is doing the same thing for both LASTEXILE – Fam, The Silver Wing – and Guilty Crown, and releasing digital downloads of them for Zune and Xbox the day after the simulcast. See news post:


    This may be worth looking into to use as better source material.

    P.S. I love your encodes! Thanks for them!

  8. Kliq. D00d.


    That one is understandable, every editor and QC has missed one of those more than once.

    But this:

    That’s just awful. It’s not only wildly misusing the word, it’s pretentiously misusing it. The only time “sundry” is a noun is in the plural: “We went to the store for sundries.”

    And I agree with C. It sure as hell sounds like they’re saying “Impetus”, not “Impetuous”. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Last_Exile_episodes#Last_Exile:_Fam.2C_the_Silver_Wing_.282011.29

  9. i read this post and it looks like you haven’t watched the original Last Exile… otherwise the Claudia stuff and the chess references in the titles wouldn’t have come as a surprise to you. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? THAT’S THE AWESOMEST FRIGGIN ANIME ON THE PLANET. GO WATCH IT NOW.

  10. It’s been a year before I noticed this animu.

    I kinda want to watch it with SFWhine subs, but sadly the files are not found in the links.

    Any chance you’ll reupload episodes?


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