Fansub Review: [Doki] Guilty Crown (Episode 04)

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The Guilty Crown marathon continues.

Release format: HQ MKV (337 MB, 8-bit), LQ MKV (205 MB, ?-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.




Insert. Though I should note that she’s singing along to the music, so there’s a reason they just have the normal font here.

ED. Somber songs with somber colors/fonts is always a good choice.



Not mind-blowing, but it’s there.



Actually, the term is “spats”. A regular google search might not pull up much, but try the image search. Go with something like “spats anime” and then try “spatz anime”. See which one pulls up the results. Just FYI for any would-be searchers, it’s pretty NSFW.

Jazz up your phrasing. No need to overuse “in”.

“I’d like your help with filling in the blanks.”

Yor subs are fail.

What is this shit? Not good English, that’s for sure. Hadena’s line was actually a lot better.

“My, my, advance notice of their crime?”

He still is. Unless he died or something, which he didn’t. So fix this fucking line. While you’re at it, rephrase it so it isn’t shit.

“Sugar is a Norma-Gene dealer.” {Replace Norma-Gene with cocaine or ecstasy or any drug and you’ll see why I’m phrasing the line like this.}

They still have homes? Not unless they undied or something. Stop fucking your tenses up, goddamn.

“They had homes, too.”

Again with the needless repetition. This kinda shit shouldn’t be a problem. It’s pretty basic stuff to fix so your subs don’t look like they were translated by a grade-schooler. :/

“I’m about to send Ayase to get you out of there.”


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: B

Overall, Doki’s done the best on Guilty Crown so far. Compared to Coalguys, they had fewer stupid mistakes (though they did have more basic ones) and had better typesetting/karaoke. The recommendation for Doki comes with the caveat that if you like liberal subs and only care about the script, you might enjoy the Coalguys version more, simply because it’s filled with more cussing and idioms. I’ll have to check out the other groups later this week (Monday or Tuesday) to have a final recommendation.

29 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Doki] Guilty Crown (Episode 04)”

      • Unless you’re a native japanese speaker, I see no reason why you need to complain about translation accuracy when most of the time, a smart enough person with good enough common sense will be able to grasp the context and situation even if the translation is a bit off.

        And where did you get this they’re editing Funi stuff from? 8thsin’s blog certainly doesn’t say that.

        • Like most review sites, major changes in the process that happen after the reviews (staff member changes, moving from original TL to ripping TLs) are not properly reflected in the reviews of episodes that have already aired.

          If they switched to ripping scripts at episode 5, neither 8th nor I would necessarily go back to edit our posts to mention this fact. It’s one of the difficulties of the processes which we use to review.

          • Yeah, I misread 8th’s review, thinking “Funimation Based (Edit): (Rip review finished, only negligible improvements can be made over Commie, not worth the wait)” was part of the review of Doki’s release, rather than a lead-in to the section on Commie’s release, my bad. So um, disregard that second post of mine, I guess. I feel really stupid in hindsight.

            (either way, Doki’s translations are generally more “wrong” than they are “liberal”, so going with them typically isn’t all that good an idea. For the record, 8th says the as-of-yet-not-reviewed-by-Sage Commie releases are by far the best for this series)

        • Wouldn’t it be the other way around? I’m not a native speaker, so I /do/ want my translations to be accurate. I mean, I’d rather know what is actually being said rather than something wrong. A native Japanese speaker should have less problems with it, since they don’t heavily rely on the translation, right?

          • But then again, if you’re not a native speaker, how would you KNOW that the translation is wrong? The only basis with all the translation basis I see most people do is 8thsin’s blog, which is just one source. He didn’t even review Doki, he judged the whole release based on one line apparently.

            Non-weaboos, which is apparently what most elitists claim they are, can’t complain about translation accuracy when they themselves SHOULDN’T, being a proud non-weaboo, be able to spot them. It’s only when the translation is way off content or context when you know that the translation is truly inaccurate.

      • Sorry about the confusion ^^; It really was confusing as hell.
        I fixed spacing a bit for now. I’ll try to come up with a better format next season.

        And yes, TL quality may vary per episode, especially for groups like Doki that shuffle their staff very often.

        Their translations are more accurate than usual for series that are being simulcast though. They probably TLC uncertain lines.

  1. DS can’t u instead of doing episode 4-5 reviews do more different fansub reviews for different series? There are a few fansubs doing some series that aren’t reviewed at all.

    • There are many fansubs doing series that haven’t been reviewed at all. Unfortunately, due to real life kicking my ass, I’m trying to focus on the more popular shows of the season before going onto obscure shit.

  2. one mistake there…you guys are getting better at this shit…keep it up and maybe you won’t make mistakes finding mistakes….uh is that repetition too?

  3. >fewer mistakes
    >translates “Guilty Crown” as “sinful crown”

    How do you even MANAGE to fuck that up? It’s in the fucking title.

  4. “Okay” “OK”

    Sasuga, Doki… While they’re at it, why not just truncate it to “k” and replace every instance of “you” and “are” with “u” and “r”? Perhaps they’re editing via SMS…

      • Yes, I never said “OK” wasn’t a valid option, but rather that it was just an issue of unfavorable abbreviation. While both are accepted forms of the term, instances of “OK” appearing anywhere other than the first word of a given sentence are rather visually jarring and unpleasant. Even when it’s the leading word of a new sentence it still looks “cheaper” and less polished than the generally accepted (for good reason) “okay”.

        Putting aside my nitpicking the unpleasant aesthetics of “OK”, the releases have been quite watchable. Alas, the decision, for whatever reason, to use “OK” irks me enough that I’m opting to give up the lovely kara in favor of dialogue that doesn’t provoke one of my countless pet-peeves.

  5. It’s more of an editing derp than it is an actual translation error.
    From the CCs: 《人の心を紡いで形を成すN罪の王冠》
    >Tsumi no ōkan
    >_____ crown

    Just look up 罪 in your favorite J>E dictionary. It’ll list both “guilt” and “sin”.

    • If the editor doesn’t have the brains to get stuff like that less laughably wrong, it doesn’t speak well for the quality of the release as a whole. Would you buy a dictionary that has the publisher’s name spelled wrong on the cover?

  6. hello dear all.
    There is a song when Shu for the first time uses Inori’s void in episode one.
    The girl sings violently! and electric guitar is the best!
    I’ve searched for the original song everywhere but no success.
    Please help me to find that song.


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