Fansub Review: [Hadena] Guilty Crown (Episode 04)

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Oh, Hadena. Why did I think this might be watchable? I’m losing my mind, I guess. Too much stupid English rotting my brain.

Release format: MKV (403 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics.




Insert. They… changed the insert kara halfway through? Why?

… And I didn’t screenshot the ED of the episode because I couldn’t watch their release long enough to get to that point.



Should I be thankful they tried? I’d rather they hadn’t. :(



Much like “huh”, “eh” is a questioning word. I think I say this every time I review Hadena’s shit, but they clearly don’t get it. And usually the mistakes start out innocuous like this and as they get worse and worse I start to only focus on the bigger mistakes until it gets to the point where the only ones I pick out are the terribad mistakes and I finally have to quit watching.

I lasted 11 minutes for this episode. Well, onto the rest of the script…

More like “It won’t do any good…” and why is this shit floating?

How does one move zig?

Sometimes. Though it could all use a rephrasing.

No ending punctuation? Don’t worry, Hadena, you’re still stupid.

“What’s an punctuation?”



I think it’s generally understood that accidents are “unforeseen”.

Translating the insert song, but avoiding her actual, spoken lines. Way to go, guys.

Yes, they did this. Wow. At this point I realized it can only get worse. Rather than slog through their fail, I decided to cut them off right there.

Stupid shit, sure. But “F”-worthy? Eh, maybe not. So what could make me fail them if the script is only super bad instead of eyecancerous?




Wait, font gets its own separate section now? For Hadena, it does. See, they’re a little weird with their fonts, as you may have noticed from the Script part of this review. They have around four different fonts they use for the main font in this episode. Stupid? Quite.

Yes, that just happened. The switched fonts even when the lines were related. Thank goodness they didn’t decide to do something like change fonts on the same screen, right?

… right?

… wrong. Well, at least the difference isn’t that big. I mean, this is at least somewhat acceptable to someone who has really, really bad eyesight. Surely it can’t get any worse, right?

… right?

There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how I feel right now. I think “sickrage” might come close, though.

So after this shit, I decided to ask Dragon Numbers in #Hadena what was going on.

<+Dark_Sage> Why the fuck is the font on every line different?
<&dragon132004> as for the last question… if i say i am still learning
<&dragon132004> does that answer your question
<+Dark_Sage> No.
<+Dark_Sage> Because you’re not new to fansubbing.

And he’s not. He’s easily been on IRC for at least two years, hanging around in fansub group’s channels. He knows how things work. :/

<+Dark_Sage> Keeping the font the same is probably the easiest thing to do in fansubbing.
<+Dark_Sage> It didn’t even occur to me that someone could screw it up
<&dragon132004> hahaha.. you mean if someone if we’re not new then thats it we stop learning and become egoistic
<&dragon132004> lol
<&dragon132004> thats a nice one
<~arashi0> what are you , some sort of judging panel/
<+Dark_Sage> I am Seiji.
<+Dark_Sage> Dark_Seiji

And here I am, Dark_Justice, ready to hammer out my verdict. And that verdict?


Watchability: Unwatchable.

Overall grade: F

The English is bad enough, but the random font stylings are enough to drive anyone crazy. Their editing’s gotten slightly better than their previous releases, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing when you fuck up the fonts in every fucking line. Stupid English is somewhat understandable, but this isn’t. Goddammit, Hadena. Goddammit.

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  1. More fun. These guys are just bringing in the hits:

    < Voldenet>
    < Voldenet> Hmm.
    < Voldenet> vs
    < fgghjjkll> What
    < fgghjjkll> holy
    < fgghjjkll> shit
    <&Dark_Sage> That’s how the episode displays on your computer?
    < fgghjjkll> that
    < fgghjjkll> is so @_@
    < Zdm321> what’s with those dots on the left of each line?
    < Voldenet> Dark_Sage: some old-crap vlc release
    < Krow> If they’re testing their releases with VLC…
    < Krow> >_>

  2. After the N there’s an invisible character there, which is probably the culprit (since, when you remove it all start work how it supposed to be)

    Now… how they put it in there, no clue lol.

    • Well, that explains why Aegisub’s spellcheck was marking some words as being spelled incorrectly when it wasn’t.
      However, why does this cause DirectVobSub to change the font to Arial, while libass doesn’t change anything?

    • Protip: If your translator hands you a script done in microsoft word, or something that isn’t plain text, convert it first to avoid these kind of invisible character issues. I get it a lot from one of my TLs, ellipses are their own character in word, and if you don’t covert it properly before importing, you get an invisible character and a ‘c’ in it’s place. Some other characters cause a similar invisible character issue too. I’m assuming that’s what happened here.

    • Well, the leader of Hadena, arashi, is Ayako’s main TL. So Hadena is basically Ayako, except with arashi leading things. I’m not sure which group is worse, though I’m tempted to say Hadena.

      • Damn, I’m late to find this. Naughty dark_sage is naughty.

        Arashi is never the main TL in Ayako. He joined several groups in 2011 – one of them is Ayako. He does at least half of the episodes of soft tennis and almost all episodes in mayo chiki.

        Contrast to what people believe, Arashi actually knows more Japanese than most translators. But he has his weakness. TLC and tough editors are needed.

        This guarantee a very slow release in Ayako of now, where he only has a limited support. Arashi would prefer Hadena, which is a faster group where he has total control and all necessary support.

        • Sorry, but seeing the crap he supposedly translates I can’t imagine he knows more Japanese than most. Requires a TLC and tough editors? I wouldn’t consider that a good TL at all. I know quite a few TLs who I’d consider relatively bad compared to most, but still come up with better translations than Arashi0 while not having a TLC or ‘tough’ editor. Also looks like you need an editor for yourself.

  3. I had an interesting conversation with dragon132004 about this episode when it came out:

    [04:28] < janice> do you QC?
    [04:28] < dragon132004> yes we fo
    [04:28] < dragon132004> we do
    [04:28] < dragon132004> and its not terrible.. if you are talking about
    [04:29] < dragon132004> the first episode then it was released
    [04:29] < dragon132004> without QC thats all
    04[04:29] < janice> i could list maybe 150-200 errors in your guilty crown 04
    04[04:29] < janice> its pretty bad…
    [04:30] < dragon132004> OKAY<>> YOU ARE TROLLIN NOW>> since it the exact script
    [04:30] < dragon132004> from FUNImation
    [04:30] < dragon132004> not even a dot
    04[04:30] < janice> i seriously doubt it
    [04:31] < dragon132004> has been
    [04:31] < dragon132004> add
    [04:31] < dragon132004> see
    [04:31] < dragon132004> you are lying now
    04[04:31] < janice> what am i lying about exactly?
    [04:31] < dragon132004> its the same script
    [04:31] < dragon132004> how can I change the fucking script beside
    [04:31] < dragon132004> there is one
    04[04:31] < janice> I thought you QC’d it?
    [04:31] < dragon132004> thing
    04[04:31] < janice> so you didnt make any QC changes?
    [04:32] < dragon132004> just typsetting
    [04:32] thats all
    04[04:32] < janice> typesetting isnt qcing
    04[04:32] < janice> you just said you QC and now you say you dont change the script
    04[04:32] < janice> which is it?
    [04:32] < dragon132004> QC
    04[04:32] < janice> so you QC’d but you didnt find any errors?
    [04:32] < dragon132004> checking if there is something
    [04:32] < dragon132004> wrong with the release
    04[04:32] < janice> oh, there are lots of things wrong…
    [04:32] < dragon132004> and its the final stage and it was done
    [04:32] < dragon132004> thats all
    [04:33] < dragon132004> NOPE
    [04:33] < dragon132004> there is not
    04[04:33] < janice> haha
    [04:33] < dragon132004> quit making stuff…
    04[04:33] < janice> come on
    [04:33] < dragon132004> show me the errors with pictures that is
    04[04:33] < janice> for starters, the script resolution is set for a 480p video
    [04:33] < dragon132004> heee…
    [04:34] < dragon132004> are you sure
    [04:34] < dragon132004> LOL
    [04:34] < dragon132004> thas fucking joking right
    [04:34] < dragon132004> since the raw
    [04:34] < dragon132004> is 720
    [04:34] < dragon132004> see
    04[04:34] < janice> ya… you have to set the script resolution
    [04:34] < dragon132004> thats why i hate softsub
    [04:34] < dragon132004> because everyone can change the shit
    [04:34] < dragon132004> and claim whatever the
    04[04:35] < janice> i pulled this from your video and just opened it :(
    04[04:35] < janice> you can do the same
    [04:36] < dragon132004> i will release hardsub next time… then i wanna see joker show their wits then
    04[04:37] < janice> lol
  4. I lol’d at the evasive answers by Hadena members. I think this font thing has happened to other groups in the past but surprisingly enough, they listened, fixed the problem and released v2’s instead of going “lol imma n00b.”

    • Excuses are always the easier way out for people/groups like them. Listening to others advices and fixing problems is obviously too complicated for them. lol

  5. Oh Dragon…

    Biggest problem in Hadena: Leading staff has an ego the size of an average battlecruiser and are unable to properly type or read English. I’m ESL but c’mon…

  6. Interesting, does he seriously believe that people can’t strip a script if it’s hardsubbed? Somebody ought to go do their homework before sayin’ stuff like that. I’m an editor myself, maybe not a good one, but I can still do the job better than that. Honestly though, even funi’s scripts aren’t so bad as that.

    Way easier to just V2, or better yet, actually QC your work. Even if it means a delay of a few days or so.

  7. “Rather than slog through their fail”
    Please let us stop using that word improperly.
    Fail is not a noun, it also does not form a complete declarative sentence by itself. Failure is a noun.


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