Fansub Review: [sage] Kimi to Boku (Episode 05)

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Next up… Winter 2012? Then back to Fall 2011 to do my “TRY TO FINISH” marathon.

Release format: LQ MKV (120 MB, 8-bit), HQ MKV (188 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. “Onee-chan” used.

Font: Too thin. Thin fonts make me sleepy, and when combined with a boring anime, leads me to blank out for several minutes while watching a show. Then I have to debate whether or not to go back and watch the parts I can’t remember. Ultimately, I end up doing it, but I’m not pleased because it feels like I just lost a couple minutes to this black void of a show, you know?



Opening. This is card’s group. Even if the show sucks (it does), she can make the karaoke fun. It jumps all over the place in a very complimentary way to the opening.

Ending. Fits well.



Appears faded. I like it.

Whether these are important enough or not to typeset is debatable. But as a reviewer, I’m leaning toward “Shoulda done this.”

When it’s done, the typesetting is done well.



I’m disappoint.

I’m pretty sure everyone would go if I invited them. OR I’m pretty sure everyone will go if I invite them.

Come on, learn the Present Pluperfect Indicative. (Note: This is probably not what it’s called.)

And you should to English.

Missing the “-chan” here in “Shun-chan”.

I didn’t really want to point this out (because the show’s so shit and nobody’s gonna read this review), but I had to. The repetition here is needless and gaudy. Sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

There’s no need to have “did” and “do” in this sentence. Vary your word choice. In fact, there were a few other instances in this release which had needless repetition.

>”I’m sure you did something to make him add those layers.” <- In this case, the problem is easily solved by substituting “do that” with what he actually did. It adds more depth to the line and is far better reading.

Not “went”. They didn’t “go” anywhere. They’re walking a few meters ahead of him.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: B

Not much to say. A lack of typesetting and some silly script mistakes combined with great karaoke result in a decently solid release.

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  1. I am surprise you watch this. Was it hard for you to watch this?

    As soon as I saw the main characters, I knew it will not be good for my taste.

  2. Ara, what an unfortunate choice of episode to review. I’m shocked that this had so many English errors in it – we must have been having a bad day. But certainly not all the episodes are like this, and these errors will be fixed for batch.

    Also keep in mind that [sage] did heavily TLC the Kimi to Boku script because the Crunchy tl was pretty damn lazy and even incorrect at times.

    We will be making the font a bit thicker for the batch, as per my feelinga about it and your sentiments. I do think a serif is most appropriate for this show, though.


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