Fansub Review: [IB] Mirai Nikki (Episode 08)

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And IB enters the ring…

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 291 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.



Opening. This is going to sound really stupid, but the karaoke here feels “heavy”. The k-timing almost feels a bit staggered. I’m not saying this in a bad way. I quite liked how they did it.

Ending. This color/positioning works quite well throughout the ending. I liked it a lot.



Eh… it’s all right.

Pretty similar to how SS did their typesetting, but I liked the execution here better.

Fades in quite nicely. Well, it doesn’t really fade, but I can’t think of a better verb at 3:00 AM in the morning.


Oh Yuno, I love you.

… but I don’t love the typesetting here all that much.



This here’s an “Are” (Japanese are, not English are) that I feel would have been better translated as “Huh?” than not translated at all. Stuff like “Un” was translated, so this might just be an oversight.

This didn’t come in on the proper timing.

I might’ve forgiven this three-liner if it had a different color for the overlapped line. But it doesn’t, so I won’t.

“the police” are treated as a plural noun. That is, they’re always plural instead of singular. So change it to “I heard that the police are”

Oh, just to let you know, You shouldn’t capitalize the second line if it’s part of the same sentence as the first line. This error happens again later in the episode.

First off, this is a list, so you… Eh, fuck it. Let me just fix it all and show by example.

“Today’s supper will be Matsusaka steak, slow-cooked soup, and my secret, 30-year-old wine.”

It’s a list, so it needs to be ordered properly, Matsusaka beef steak is redundant, and “secret 30-year-old wine” needs a comma after secret because that’s the format for Adjective Adjective Noun here.

Rephrase this. Right now it’s saying “I dream because I want to become a world-class detective.” This happens twice.

“I dream of becoming a world-class detective.” <- better

In Dark_Sage world, “have” and all its conjugations will be banned by groups that don’t know how to properly use them. Happens in the next line too.

“All of them involved one boy:”


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: C+

It’s not such a bad release but it’s not such a good one. Script mistakes and hit-or-miss typesetting prevent IB from reaching the heights of SS/GotWoot on this show. I did quite like the karaoke, but I’ll have to recommend GotWoot for the show.

But uhh, you guys have the dubious honor of being one of the few groups I have included on my IRC favorites list… so at least there’s that?

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