Fansub Review: [GotWoot] Mirai Nikki (Episode 07)

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SS is a tough act to follow, but this release is about as perfect as you can reasonably expect from any group.

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 240 MB), MKV (8-bit, 230 MB), Speedsubbed MKV [GotSpeed, unreviewed here] (8-bit, 319 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Hardsubbing: Karaoke and typesetting are hardsubbed.



Opening. Unfortunately the kanji gets in the way of the credits sometimes, as pictured in the second screenshot. While this is a bit annoying, the entire thing is done well enough that I’m willing to overlook it.

Ending. Great color choice here. Overall great karaoke. Loved it.



Yes, this is good. Liking it a lot.

When the typesetting blends in so well you have to check whether or not the fansubbers did it or the animation studio did… you’re doing it right.


Jizz in my pants. Am I overreacting a bit? No. The typesetting in this anime is exceedingly important to the plot. Typesetting can make or break a group’s release for this show. This is natural and easy to read. It’s rare to see groups doing karaoke well, so when it’s done THIS well, in a show that relies on it, then attention is deserved.

I don’t really want to keep posting diary entries as examples, so I want to also note that when the phone moves, the text moves along with it very, very naturally.

Aww, come on. I went out of my way to get on your collective dick, only to have you not bother with typesetting this, when just a few frames earlier you typeset a news broadcast? You’re making me look stupid~

Edit: I was informed this was not typeset because of the reflection. I still think something could’ve been done with it though. Perhaps English text underneath the Japanese?


And that’s it. There are a number of other examples I didn’t post, but I don’t wanna bore you to death with this stuff — boring you to tears is good enough for now.



Typo. They had it as “Big Sis” throughout the rest of the episode.


Watchability: Extremely watchable. If I were the parents of the fansubbers in this group, I’d take this release and stick it on my refrigerator.

Overall grade: A+

I struggled a bit with this one. An A+ to me is one of those goals that’s almost unattainable. I don’t expect to give out any of them during a season (hell, I had to add A+ as a category for this release). It’s not that GotWoot had a perfect showing, but what they had approaches the mystical “perfect” status as best I could expect anyone to with a show that requires this amount of attention.

In comparison to SS’s great release, both the OP/ED karaoke are better, the typesetting’s better, and the script’s better. Two problems and a minor point of contention with the OP aren’t enough to sway me away from this grade. I don’t think you can get a better release for Mirai Nikki from anyone else, so I encourage people to go with this release.

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    • With your comment and agio’s, that note I had at the end appears to be patently false. Sorry about that. Corrected.

      Edit: For those who have no clue what I’m talking about. I read a few of the comments and took them at face value, so I included a warning note at the end of the review. Note basically said “It appears GW has started trolling and their TL quit sometime after this episode. But even if that’s the case, GW is still better than SS.” But if the only real troll is the one in episode 9 that appears for a few seconds and 8th quit before this episode was released, then leaving that in would be mostly inaccurate and that’s not how the Sage rolls.

        • The A+ is only based on this episode. GotSpeed and episode 9 weren’t taken into consideration.

          It’s impossible for me to review every episode release from every group, so if you were expecting me to factor in episode 9, that wasn’t gonna happen. Honestly it would only bring it down to an “A” for the one bit of trolling (do note that Commie has one of the biggest histories of fansub trolling and they consistently earn top marks here, so I’m pretty consistent on not damning a group for childish antics). Similarly, I always review v2s if they’re available instead of the v1s, but even then GotWoot/GotSpeed are incredibly different releases.

          Not sure what the problem here is.

          • There’s no problem, just a correction that NSFW sign wasn’t the only troll. That’s why I wrote it after “/”. Should have used “P.S.” probably.

        • That’s GotSpeed indeed. Why would it affect GotWoot’s grade?
          From GW’s FAQ.
          1. What is the difference in GotSpeed and GotWoot?
          As the name suggests, GotSpeed is our speedsub release. GotSpeed is released only in 8-bit with minimal QC in order to get the episode to you as fast as possible. The main GotWoot version is released with a better quality encode in both 8-bit and 10-bit, is properly edited, translation checked, and QC’d, and all signs are hardsubbed.

  1. @ Progeusz
    So you randomly bring up ‘but they trolled there and there’? You didn’t link it to the A+ grade which was too high in your opinion? You could have fooled me.

    • It’s not random at all. GotSpeed and GotWoot is essentialy the same group, first is v1 (or v0), second is v2. There’s no GotSpeed review because Dark_Sage reviews v2s if possible as he said. I think it’s worth a mention, people should be prepared when they go to their blog for GotWoot release but download GotSpeed next week because they’re impatient and find themselves trolled. Especially when quality release isn’t free of trolling itself and who knows what they will do in the future. It shouldn’t affect the grade because it’s irrelevant to it (different episode and version), but warning seems suitable (not essentially in the review, just don’t bash me for writing a comment, Mister White Knight).

      Of course I didn’t link it to the grade, are you unable of noticing:
      1) double enter
      2) /
      3) my explanation just above your comment

      I was just really impressed that something got A+. Can’t I? Seriously, Internet is a real shithole, always suspecting people of the worst possible thought :|

        • I completely agree with you Progeusz, our children need to be PROTECTED from pianos and 4 second long NSFW signs from several weeks ago. Who knows what those heathens will inject into our minds next????????????

          • Well, Prog does have a point that it’s worth a mention. After all, there are people who take these things quite seriously and that kind of information is something they would take into account when choosing groups. Much like other parts of my reviews (information on 10-bit/8-bit, quality of karaoke), they’re not applicable to everyone, but for the people which it is applicable, they appreciate being informed.

            Also, Prog, Animegio isn’t really a white knight. He’s in GotWoot himself. :P

          • @D_S, lol, didn’t know about it. That explains a lot. :P

            @sapphi, I’m beginning to like you a little bit. You have long way to go if you want to reach Commie’s or gg’s level, though. :P

  2. @ Dark_Sage

    Well, Prog does have a point that it’s worth a mention.

    He does have a point. How one should get that from his initial enter and a “/” is beyond me, though.

  3. “It’s rare to see groups doing karaoke well, so when it’s done THIS well, in a show that relies on it, then attention is deserved.” Um, why are you talking about karaoke in the typesetting section? And since when does any release rely on karaoke? Are you sure you didn’t mean to use “typesetting” there?


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