Fansub Review: [SS] Mirai Nikki (Episode 06)

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I’m… I’m impressed. I have to admit this is probably the biggest surprise of all of Fall 2011 for me. Was not expecting SS to pull this off after their Shakugan no Shana release, but they did a damn fine job.

Release format: MKV (8-bit, 342 MB), AVI (187 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Hardsubbing: Karaoke and typesetting are hardsubbed. Though I think the only people who care about hardsubbing are people who take the scripts and put them on different raws and AMV makers, I figured I’d mention it anyway just in case it matters to you. (I know you AMV makers like to call yourselves “editors”, not “AMV makers”, but fuck you, that title belongs to fansubbers now.)

Semicolons: They really love this shit. Unfortunately, every instance in which they used a semicolon was technically correct, so I can’t poke fun at them for it. Dang. :(





Opening. They have about four different styles in the OP, so I’m showing them all. I really liked how the styles all changed and fit well in their designated parts. Definitely got me pumped for the anime with how well they handled it.

Ending. Wasn’t as big a fan with this one. The sparklies and heavily emphasized blue words didn’t quite fit with the theme of the ending song.



Came in just right, along with the Japanese typesetting. Nice.

Yes. This is good. Shadows~

Uh, I guess they can’t all be winners. But the diaries are kind of important. Why half-ass it on the typesetting here?

I can understand the need to “preserve the intricacies of the great Japanese language”, but as a human being who likes to watch anime, fuck this shit. Cover up the Japanese and put your own goddamn text in it. This is handled quite poorly.

I’m probably overloading y’all with typesetting right now, but fuck you. This is the anime version of my favorite manga and I sure as fuck ain’t gonna do a lazy review of this show.

Well handled.

What I really want to know is how they did this last one. It fades in perfectly with the kanji alongside the lightning/other effects. Really enjoyed this.



I’ll fight for question marks after questions until my grave.

You don’t need the ‘ve here. Why would you do this?

“They’re kids who lost their parents in the Omekata-kyo incident.”

Again? Fkdlfjdsklf

“They were told to get checked by a doctor.”

Look! Simple! No fucking need for the “have” here.

The second line reads “You will in love with me.” as a follow-up to the first line. Make it “You will be.” so it reads “You will be in love with me.”


Watchability: Extremely watchable.

Overall grade: A-

It’s not like this release doesn’t have its problems — weak typesetting for the diaries, a few script mistakes, and a meh ending — but as a whole it functions so well that I can’t help but rank it as A-tier. SS really did a great job on this and I have to admit I’m impressed. They’re a great choice for Mirai Nikki.

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  1. What do you mean the second line reads “You will in love with me.”? For me it follows-up with “You’ll fall in love with me.”


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