Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki-CTSS] Persona 4 (Episode 05)

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Why, Hatsuyuki-CTSS? Why do you hate the English language so much?

Release format: MKV (350 MB, 8-bit), AVI (187 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.



Opening. I know the song isn’t that great, but why would you butcher it with karaoke like this? You have three effects on the same fucking word, and it’s k-timed only in that you overlay each word with the same word that’s the same color.

Ending. On top of the needlessly shiny k-timing, you’re clearly not afriad of making mistakes. Nice job.



Good work, indeed. Hatsuyuki-CTSS clearly put a lot of effort into this and they deserve to be praised.



Arcanum is a word, but it’s not related to the Major Arcana or Minor Arcana. And even if it was — even if it was the singular version of “Arcana” as you presume here — this line would be wrong. It would still be “I see there are two arcana shining brightly in your future.”

Even when you make shit up, you get it wrong.

I… oh no. It’s only going to get worse, isn’t it?

“You’re the transfer student from back then! So you came after all!”

You can be short of breath, but when it comes to members… you can only be “short on members”.

You don’t “close” school clubs. They aren’t fucking restaurants. You “disband” clubs because the people in the club leave.

Nice translations. Coupled with the lack of translating more than one conversation at a time (two groups of people are talking results in only one of these groups getting screenspace in this release), I can tell you really put your TLs to good work.

This is not acceptable. Not one goddamn person would make their greeting “Even though I’m a beginner”. That’s not English, that’s its brain-dead, bastard child.

No, Dojima, that’s does not sounds good.

Are commas that fucking hard to understand? And who the fuck says “At this time”?

“Right about now, everyone’s still studying, right?”

Not sure whether to facepalm or light my computer on fire…

I’ve heard stories of people killing their children because they don’t want them to live in such a terrible world. I can see where they’re coming from.

Great tense use.

“I’ve become cute, you know…”

Please, learn how to link lines properly. The first line looks like it just ends there which is very confusing to the viewer until the second line pops up. Use ellipses to show that there is a continuation to the line.

“And yet… if I’m still not loved by anyone… it’s all meaningless!”

What the fuck is “already” doing there? Take it out.

It looks like this from 13:04 to 13:37. How the fuck do you not notice your text is almost unreadable?

“If I don’t, it will” <- This is how it should be structured.

“Wait! If I don’t answer it right now, it will become troublesome later.”

Classic QUALITY.

Who the fuck speaks like this? No, really, who? If you find them, rip their vocal cords out. This is NOT how you English.

Ignoring the comma mistake here, this is undoubtedly NOT what he’s saying. I don’t speak Japanese but I have to sit here and re-translate your fucking release? Come the fuck on, Hatsuyuki-CTSS.

“Being so popular must be such a hassle, right, Narukami?”

Nothing coud help you now.

No! No! It’s shot, not shoot. God-fucking-damn.

“commemorative pictures”, you mean?

*Sigh* This whole fucking script is a mess.


Watchability: Unwatchable.

Overall grade: F

Shit karaoke (with fabulous mistakes), no typesetting, and a terrible script. What the fucking fuck? Hatsuyuki and CTSS have their good and bad moments but I never expected this joint to result in such shoddy work. What a disappointment.

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  1. If there’s one thing I learned from when I was in Hatsuyuki, it’s that they’ll hire anyone. So basically, it’s hit-or-miss situation they’ve got going on. When their more experienced, tested members work on a project, you can usually count on a decent release.

  2. “You’re the transfer student from back then! So you came after all!”

    Shouldn’t it be “You’re the transfer student from back then! So, you came after all!”?
    “So” can be used as both as an interjection and a conjunction as far as I know. I think without the comma it would be the latter, which reads weird to me. So, comma or not?

    • There are times when a comma is necessary. This isn’t one of those times, imo. In this case, it’s a personal preference, depending on how you want the line to read. I think the slight pause from the comma would actually make it read a bit weirder. I don’t know. I just thought I’d throw in my two cents.

  3. “Likewise! You have never come to the club diligently until recently!”

    Maybe you would talk like this if you were drunk and high at the same time. >_>

    “The last shoot was really good.”

    This makes it sound like they just finished up a photo shoot.


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