Fansub Review: [CTSS] Kimi to Boku (Episode 06)

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And that finishes off Kimi to Boring. Persona time! (after I get a bit of shut-eye)

Release format: MKV (261 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.


Opening. The color choice really fits the beginning of the opening, but after the first few screens, the color choice should have changed to fit the blue credits.

Ending. It’s okay.



This is the only relevant image I had for the section. Typesetting doesn’t factor in too much in this anime.



“our heart is one” implies they literally share the same heart. “our hearts are one” implies they metaphorically share the same heart.

One of these is better than the other.

In this unyielding, sweltering heat,

The second line shouldn’t start off capitalized.

There’s a very big difference between classes and glasses. Considering this episode is entirely about glasses, I think it’s pretty obvious which it’s supposed to be.


They should really have an overlap font here or something that makes the two sentences distinguishable from each other.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: B

Hmmm, so I gave Sage and CTSS the same score… which means I have to decide which group is better even though they’re ranked the same. IMO, Sage wins the duel. While both groups have similar scripts, Sage’s karaoke is better. However, if you don’t give a damn about karaoke (I found it to be the only redeeming factor of the show), then you’ll probably be better off with CTSS because their font choice was better.

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  1. One thing that Dark didn’t know and isn’t able to judge is that [sage] did extensive TLC and editing on these scripts because the Crunchy TL is rather bad in places. This really does improve the script, but increases the probability of introducing editing mistakes, unfortunately. I think you picked a rather unfortunate episode to review – certainly not all of our episodes have such silly grammar mistakes in them. But dems the breaks, I can’t make any excuses.

    I will take your suggestions on changing the font for the batch!


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