Dantalian no Shoka Batch/Whine-Subs Stuff

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It’s not like these files have been ready for months and I was just too lazy to torrent them…

Anyway, this is what you were waiting for (bated breath, I’m sure) — our Dantalian no Shoka batch with updated scripts and encoding. No half-assed shit here.

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Credits for improvements: kliqIMB (script)/Puff (encoding and uploading this to my various seedboxes multiple times only to have me not release it for months.)

If anyone wants a Danta AVI batch, let me know.

Show Credits:

Karaoke: cardslash02

Editing: kliqIMB, Calyrica, SeanW

QC: Dark_Sage

Timing: Puff

Encoding: Puff

Distro: animegio, Ixtli

Translation: NicoNico


Whine-Subs stuff in general:

  • I recall promising to encode some AVI stuff, but I don’t remember what I was supposed to do. I’ll keep my promise, but I don’t remember what I said I’d do. So, if you know, remind me?
  • Highschool of the Dead blus should be back up for seeding by the end of the day.
  • [C] should be back up for seeding by the end of the day (contemplating just batching that shit).
  • Yes, Whine-Subs is pretty much hibernating apart from the joint with SFW.


And, that’s it.


Edit: I guess I lied about the seeding. I’ve had 5 hours to myself this entire weekend and I’m fucking tired. Got like 5 externals and no I’m not fucking around with this shit to find which one has the anime. I’m going to sleep and hopefully I’ll care more when I wake up before I get shoved on a fucking bus at 5:00 AM to go to another shitty day at work.


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  1. If this is general subs chat, any progress on Fam 12? I know that Commie (who IIRC also go by the Funi script)have theirs out, but my shitty old laptop has a much easier time with your avi releases.


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