Fansub Review: [Kiteseekers-Wasurenai] Milky Holmes Season 2 (Episode 01)

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I’m… thoroughly confused. This anime and the way K-W subbed it made me think it was 2006 again.

Release format: MKV (8-bit, 364 MB), AVI (167 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Why 2006?: Hardsubbed karaoke/typesetting. Hardsubbed group logo. “This fansub is not for sale/rent/auction” message. Group credits during the Ending. Not that I really have problems with any of those, but having them combined with the old-school loli show that Milky Holmes is left quite a nostalgic impression.

But unlike 2006, the subs are actually good.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

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Might wanna check how your italics look before you release the episode. You could definitely use an extra space after the ‘r’ in “our”.

Mm… no.

“They became weak once they remembered their detective selves.”


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: A-

The typesetting can be less than astounding in parts, but the script’s still pretty well done. Definitely better quality than I expected anyone to attempt for this show.


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  1. Wow, I seriously started considering watching first season of Milky Holmes.

    What’s next? Maybe Hadena’s Brave10? It got A- for translation, there’s a chance for decent score in English as well.

    • Amazingly, I didn’t spot any glaring errors in grammar at all, and the translation was spot on from my basic knowledge of Japanese standpoint.

      People need to realize that it’s not the overall name but the people who work on it that dictates how good it is, and it seems Hadena actually had a competent translator and editor working on this project.

  2. This is the perfect review to show what they are customarily lacking. You gave this group an A- despite actually linking lines from the script that >nobody in his right mind would saynobody would say it<.×720-H264-OGG-45B5EDD5.mkv_snapshot_17.41_2012.01.08_17.04.27.jpg


    Your suggestion for the last line also confounds me.
    "They became weak once they remembered their detective selves."

    There are, like, a million ways to say this less awkwardly.

    • Uh, based on the narrator’s voice and general style of writing they were going with for that entire part, it suffices as poetic voice. (I wonder if “poetic voice” is actually a literary term. Sometimes I feel that I’m just making shit up here.) It fits the scene. Wanting everything to be conversational in shows just isn’t going to happen.

      You’re right. I did fuck up on that recommendation. It was phrased less awkwardly in my head, but it looks like I could’ve improved it. My bad.

      “After remembering who they were, their strength was sapped.” <- Better?

  3. Are they still doing bullshit name changes (e.g. subbing “Elly” as “Herc”)? That was one of the reasons I chose CR over them for the first season, but CR appears to be passing on season 2.

  4. > the way K-W subbed it made me think it was 2006 again.
    > left quite a nostalgic impression

    Totally agree. And I also have absolutely no problem with hardsubbed kara/TS/AFX/etc.

    • The seedbox we were using died, so we couldn’t distribute the file. We’re using the Whine-Subs seedbox now (I would’ve handled this earlier, but when I’m working on Monday-Thursday I generally don’t have time to do anything but work and sleep) and I’m QCing it on my lunch break to make sure it’s fucking perfect for all you loyal fans. We should release it tonight.


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