Fansub Review: [Hadena] Brave 10 (Episode 01)

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I heard everyone was spazzing out over Hadena being “OMFG great!” and “A-tier!!” on this show… Fucking idiots.

Just because Hadena scored a new translator who knows how to swear and and an editor who learned what the fuck spellcheck is does not mean this is an upper-tier release.

Release format: MKV (341 MB, 8-bit), LQ MKV (193 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

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8thsin’s translation critique:

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Opening. How do you forget to apply the karaoke style across the script?

Ending. More underwhelming than losing your virginity.



Why yes, I think I like this quite a lot. I’m sure my faith in Hadena will be restored very–

Wait, what’s this?

They didn’t… They wouldn’t…!

Yes, they did. Attack effects. It’s 2004 again. Goddamn.

Maybe I wouldn’t care so much if they didn’t slide in like a goddamn middle school PowerPoint presentation.



Why is this at the top of the screen? This isn’t even the Overlap text; they just randomly threw it at the top of the screen.

Why is there a question mark after “Mom”? It makes no fucking sense.

“Mom, who’s this?”

Well phrased… not! Oh shit, fucking pwnd. Nutsakxz on ALL your faces!~

… I’m sorry, I lost myself for a second there.

“That’s the alias of the man whom not a single person has laid a hand on.”

If you must “preserve” this phrasing, go with

“The alias of the one so strong that nobody has laid a single hand on him.”


“The alias of the one so strong that none have laid a single hand on him.”

So why did I add “single” to all these lines? It hammers the point home that this ninja motherfucker is a goddamn badass because not one fucking person has laid one fucking finger on him.

Sure, this works nicely with an audience well skilled in the intricacies of “teme” and “anata” in the Japanese language, but let’s be inclusive of people who aren’t waps too.

“Would you stop just calling me “you”? My name is Isanami.” <- an additional flourish by italicizing “name” in that line would also be acceptable.

If you don’t wanna use a colon to introduce this guy, at least use a comma you stupid fucks.

“So this is the commander known for both his integrity and ingenuity,”

One of these ellipses is not like the others~

Timing error.

“If a wolf comes and eats me, you’ll at least bury my remains, right?”


“If you died a dog’s death here, I wouldn’t feel a thing.”

I don’t know, Hadena. Seems like your dipshit editors thought adding “Just” to any sentence just makes it that much better. Yes, I said editors. They had three on this release.

“What happened?”

No, That’s not how you grammar.

“Hold on. Not so fast, Rokurou.”

I feel your pain, bro.

“Morning, huh?” or, if you really must, “Morning, huh…?”

Why are you no capitalize sentences?


“Insolent fools…

Go to hell.”

You can’t just leave off punctuation in the first part and start the next part of the sentence with a capital letter.

And again, they just randomly toss this shit up to the top of the screen.


Watchability: Sort of watchable.

Overall grade: D+

Was I surprised at how much Hadena improved from their previous releases? Sure. F-tier to D-tier is great. But that doesn’t mean this is a good release. The script is fucked as usual, but with less spelling mistakes, they used retarded attack effects, and the karaoke is dull.

Dealing with fansubs like Hadena is like dealing with rabbits. Even if they’re cute every now and then, you gotta sterilize the fuckers because otherwise their stupidity will rampage unchecked. Can you tell how excited I am to review the rest of Hadena’s releases this season? If this is their flagship release, I shudder to see what the rest are like.

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  1. Moderately-related threadjack: In addition to “Why am I being called for?” I can’t stand it when people say “How did it look like?” Either “How did it look?” or “What did it look like?” but not both!

    (I’m not saying this was in the script; Your review simply reminded me of this disturbing trend in shitty English.)

  2. Their script was pretty stiff, so I was expecting something like C-tier.

    I facepalmed at the attack effects. Not that I mind it, but at least make it look good lol

  3. Well, still, u’re pointing out some punctuation mistakes. i mean, at least their shit was understandable, which is the most important thing, unlike say for example, their old stuff. so, i’d say karaoke and some punctuation shouldn’t get it up by only a letter, cause correcting those mistakes wouldn’t get it up from F to A. instead,u’d need a shakespeareISH dude to get it up there. so ya, imo, if c3 had a -F, then this would deserve an A++++++ :)

  4. i’m sayin, this is a kinda biased review. cause i think, and many do too, that hadena improved a lot. even though this one is quite good and understandable, with minor mistakes, like punctuation and shit, and while much more understandable than c3 for example, u only gave it a “F to D”, ignoring all the improvements there.

    • I’m not a fucking cheerleader here. If a group improves, great. Really, that’s awesome. But you have to manage more than D-tier for it to matter one iota. These are still bottom-of-the-barrel subs and until they do some MAJOR overhauling, I’m not gonna sit here and pat them on the back as they create some abomination resembling the English language.

      These reviews aren’t based on effort. To some degree, every group puts effort into their releases. This shit doesn’t come from magic. People pour their hearts and souls into their releases and I tear them down every fucking day.

      I say what I think regardless of how it might make people feel. And you know what? People appreciate that I’m honest about it. I don’t sugarcoat things; if you fucked up, I’ll let you know about it.

      But when a group does an outstanding job and gets a score and comments at the end that reflect the effort they put in actually resulted in something great? That means so much more than empty platitudes and sycophantic praises.

      Did Hadena improve? Yes. Did they improve enough? No. Will I let them know when I’m impressed with the work they’ve done? You sure as hell better believe it. If a group can go from being the lowest of the low to something regularly hitting the B- and A-tiers, that would be something truly worthy of praise. But managing to run spellcheck off a competent translator’s work is not nearly enough to get them there.

      Hadena’s trying to improve and I know that because their members constantly come up to me and tell me that they’re working much harder and trying their damndest to bring releases up to a quality they themselves would enjoy. They want to see the fruits of their labor and how other people view their work.

      Why would they say this? Why would they ask me to check their latest efforts? Because they know I’ll be straight with them. They know I’m going to be fair in my judgment and offer them the advice (if you look closely I offer ways to fix nearly every line I bitch about) they need to be a success.

      Will the path be easy and short? No. No it will not. At the end of the day, they’re looking for “job well done” to actually mean something. And I can guarantee that when I write those words, when Hadena finally reaches a tier where they won’t be called “guess-subs” and “Engrish”, I will fucking mean each and every word and they’ll know it.

      • well, i don’t have anything to say. u’re right. i’m just curious myself as for some reason, i really got every word they’re tryin to say here, unlike c3.
        anyway, hehe, keep it up bro, ur reviews oughta help some of em out there.

  5. Pretty much every “correction” was a simple grammar error, not a translation error. That warrants at least a C rating from me. Compared to their Horizon releases, this release basically proved that Hadena is a fansubbing group.

  6. Attack effects FTW(not really)!

    Definitely an upgrade from their Zero no Tsukaima F episode 2 release, but still pretty bad, overall.

  7. dude, i must say… go get laid…

    dont flame other just 4 ur butthurt
    hadena obviously suck hard, but i dont know whats worst… watch their subs, or… see a review so butthurted made like urs

    jajajaajja… kind regards, mate
    find another hobbie
    flame sux ;D


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