Fansub Review: [Commie] Ano Natsu de Matteru (Episode 01)

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I have no clue what this show’s gonna turn out like. I can’t even pin down the genre until the next episode hits. I did like it though.

As for Commie’s release… it needs work.

Release format: MKV (194 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. Japanese name order.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:







Special note: I don’t penalize groups for choosing to only go with English. As long as font/color choices make sense, I don’t see a problem with skipping the Japanese text.

This karaoke was quite well done. I definitely enjoyed it. I felt the opening was better done than the ending, but both were good.



There has to be a more suitable font than this.

Come on, guys.

“Of course, I was also surprised that she accepted.”

I wasn’t really feeling the typesetting on this release. The best sign here was the one with the blackboard, but even then it didn’t really fit, since it was way too bright compared to the Japanese text. The episode titles were just bad.



You should really take out one of those outs.

“I went out to test my new high-speed camera,”

As mistimed as a premature ejaculation.


“I’m freshman Ishigaki Tetsuro.” is what this line is saying. This is not how humans introduce themselves.

“I’m a freshman. The name’s Ishigaki Tetsuro. And this is Kirishima Kaito.” (Note: Teachers often tell you not to start any sentences with “Because” or “And”, but in natural speak, you sure as hell do, so it’s 100% acceptable in fansubbing and really anything that doesn’t involve academic papers or formal writing.)

“Doodling”? Doodling is for pictures. They’re talking about a script here. You know, something with words in it.

“You weren’t actually writing a script, were you?” <- Changed the overall structure of the sentence because I can’t think of a writing equivalent of “doodling” that would fit well here.

This faded out with Lemon’s voice. I liked this. Was a welcome surprise.

Needs more of that.

“It was my dead grandma’s. It’s so huge that half of it can’t be taken care of.”

Tenses, people! Also, this line’s way too long for the time allotted it.

“Also, if we lived together, I could teach you how to act in movies.” (The innuendo in the original line was shittily written anyway, so let’s just cut it out for brevity.)

Mr. Comma can help here!

“I saw this Fata Morgana that a girl was hugging Kai, surrounded by a ball of light.” (Fata Morgana should be capitalized, but I consider that a very minor error since very few people watching this would know that. The comma helps because it provides a better explanation. Instead of being able to interpret it as just Kai being surrounded by a ball of light, it’s now clear that Kai AND the girl were surrounded by a ball of light.)


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: B

I did like this release, but there were some stupid errors that I wasn’t expecting a group like Commie to make. Training in new staff on this show, perhaps?

(Ironically, the karaoke was the best part of the release. How do you feel about that, jdp?)

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  1. “Tehehe”? Really? This is acceptable with you kids nowadays? I think it’s sloppy. It’s “tee hee,” fer chrissake.

    Also, consider “scribbling” for “doodling.” While it can mean “drawing” as well, I associate “scribbling” more with words than pictures.

  2. Are you from the South or not a native English speaker? How old are you that you have never heard “good to know you” in place of “good to meet you?” 12?

    • What kind of trash did you grow up with to have heard such shitty language in normal discourse? There’s a difference between “know” and “meet”, but I guess your kind thinks they’re the same thing. Were your parents siblings or something?

      Edit: To be fair, you’re right. It’s not technically an error. I’ll remove it from my review.

  3. The use of the word “bikini” is correct in that context, as she’s referencing the scene in which they joke about filming an idol video. While that kind of video isn’t explicit porn, they mostly feature cute, scantily clad girls. Therefore, a bikini would be appropriate attire if the video were filmed during the summer.

    The line is also the same in Japanese. She says, “水着,” which directly translates to “swimsuit”.


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