Fansub Review: [GetWet] Senki Zesshou Symphogear (Episode 02)

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So I heard GetWet vs. Commie is a hot-button topic.

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 356 MB), MKV (8-bit, 381 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. Japanese name order.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:




Opening. Orange and blue colors? Oho, I see what you did there.

Insert #1. I don’t mind insert karaoke, but it has to be done well. This was garish and distracting. I couldn’t pay attention to the anime because the bright orange ALL CAPS shit drew my eyes. I almost find the random placement of the first line at the bottom unnecessary of mention simply because the rest caused me to bleed blood from my eyes. YES, I BLED BLOOD. FROM MY EYES.


Insert #2. Getting better…

Insert #3. Getting– Wait, this is just the same as Insert #2, isn’t it? So I guess this is her insert kara style then? Okay, that works.

Ending. Green to match the green flowing lines, blue to match the blue one, and the white is taken care of by the credits. Smart. But the colors end up changing through the song, so maybe the choice wasn’t as great as I thought on the first line.

Unrelated to the karaoke, does anyone else notice Japan’s weird fascination with dolls this season?



Interesting font choice. I suppose I too would think that matches had I been drinking lead paint all day.

I liked this one.

I had two trains of thought for the typesetting of this release: “Okay, this works.” and “Ehh…”



Running it as “Again?” makes her sound much more helpless and meek here. Her moeness increases by at least 10 points. For the love of moe, do it right.


“You want me to take my clothes off again?” vs. “You want me to take my clothes off again…”



There’s far more desperation contained in the first. The second is more resignation and acceptance. The point is that she’s still struggling with her moe moe sad face. Essentially, you can read them like this: “I have to do this again?” vs. “This is happening again.”

This is actually part of two lines. Shit needs to get fixed, but for different reasons. You can read my exchange with rem here:

“Why is…” “this happening?!” is the improved line.

Protip: There’s a marked difference between “anime” and “cartoon” in the English lexicon. I don’t care that you all translated okonomiyaki as pancake earlier, but I’m not seeing this as anything but a dig at your audience — an audience that I’d like to note would primarily choose you over Commie only because you include Japanese in your karaoke… and they’re probably the least receptive to this kind of thing.

This is not how you sentence. This is not how you sentence at all. Are they crystals filled with technologies that come from folklore or are the crystals the ones that appear in folklore? Phrase your shit better than a grade schooler.

Also, I’m surprised y’all interpreted folklore as countable. It’s not really wrong per se, but it’s definitely the minority position to take.


Is “Sakurai Theory” her name or the name of the technology? Just not clear with this phrasing.

Prelude. I was told these things were translatable by a GotWoot member. Guess they aren’t. To be fair, I doubt any group is gonna be able to figure them out since they’re a random combination of languages.



Watchability: Definitely watchable.

Overall grade: B

This is a joint. The idea is that each group puts their best in to make up for areas in which the other groups might be lacking or not as good in. I don’t think that quite happened as it should have. The script was pretty good, but the typesetting was… average, as was the karaoke.

Commie vs. GetWet is an interesting match up. Neither is a clear winner, so I’m not gonna declare one as superior. When you choose which to go with yourself, the choice should probably hinge on which style of karaoke you want to watch the show with. The typesetting and scripts don’t have enough variation to determine your group of choice based solely on them.

This was dropped. Guess Commie wins this battle by default.

No fucking clue what’s going on. This was technically dropped, but then they’re getting back together? No idea.

Okay, not dropped anymore. They’re still going at it.

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  1. >This was dropped. Guess Commie wins this battle by default.

    Where the fuck did you read that? None of their sites have any mention.

    • Dropped due to irreconcilable differences and people not liking the show. GotWoot and FFFpeeps are pretty much joined at the hip; Underwater is Daiz for all intents and purposes; and Dark Sage knows everybody involved.

  2. People from 4 different groups not being able to agree on shit? Inconceivable.

    Good idea in concept but really I’m not surprised if it splits up, most groups seem to have trouble maintaining a 2 group joint release, much less 4.


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